What happens when mentality meets mobility?

Plenty to smile about. At least with Krones’ chauffeuring service. You’re wondering why? Well: do you know the answer to: “What a big city “Ausfahrt” must be”. Yes, precisely. It’s not a misprint: a metropolis called “Ausfahrt”. Cultural challenges of this kind are met and mastered with a grin by the drivers of Krones’ chauffeuring service in Neutraubling. Stories abound from the highway highlife, and happily none have yet fallen by the wayside:

The chauffeuring service has been around since 1995. A total of seven drivers look after the needs of our international guests and clients. They’re out on the road at least twice a day, and drive up to 60,000 kilometres a year. Flexibility, accident-free driving, punctuality and a high degree of customer satisfaction are the salient characteristics of Krones’ chauffeuring service. Besides the routine journeys between airport, the facility in Neutraubling and hotels, though, it’s the small extra trips that the drivers volunteer for, to keep our customers happy.

Some passengers are quite content with a glimpse of the Allianz Arena or a field of hops. Others, though, want to see Neuschwanstein Castle at least. But what’s much more important are the tips and advice provided by the driver themselves. One of the questions most frequently asked is: what’s the best place to enjoy a Bavarian beer and a tasty snack? Real friendships sometimes evolve: “Lots of them look forward to seeing us and appreciate being collected. Some of them even show us their family photos and talk about their homes”, as Axel relates.

Long-standing Krones clients are already accustomed to the chauffeuring service. That’s simply part of the Krones experience for them, and sometimes the best part of it as well! Looked at it like this, it’s no wonder that the drivers are welcomed with sentences like “and that’s the reason I buy from Krones!” Some of the passengers are simply delighted by the car as such and yearn for the putative ecstasy of hurtling along the autobahn at a speed of 250 kilometres an hour. But it always remains a dream.

Sometimes, Krones’ chauffeurs also drive without a customer on the back seat. The reason may be company business in the town, like a trip to the bank. But often it’s errands for the customers themselves: fetching an altered suit, buying flip-flops for the hotel or even procuring kosher food. Forgetting their passports and luggage is a favourite pastime. In these cases, too, the drivers save the day. You might even call them “Girl Fridays”.

Each driver has his own special memories. One unforgotten customer mused aloud: “What a fucking big city “Ausfahrt” must be”. Another favourite is a Muslim who told the driver that he was going to enjoy a beer now because: “Look outside, it’s night time. Allah won’t see!” Another client impressed everyone no end when his chauffeured car got stuck in a jam on the autobahn: he simply got out of the car and cleared a way for it so as to arrive punctually at his appointment.

Whether it’s a new or a long-standing customer, the chauffeuring service receives nothing but praise. But what else would you expect from Krones?