We’re going to be part of it! 6 trainees – 3 days – 1 mission

from right to left: Xaver Philipp (18), Linda Schaffarzik (18), Dominik Schandri (21) and Lukas Schlauderer (18)

Trainee at fair – BrauBeviale 2016

This year it’s coming round yet again – the BrauBeviale in the heart of Franconia, where beer culture is celebrated with well-nigh unequalled enthusiasm. In the centre of the picturesque city of Nuremberg, it’ll be opening its doors on 8 November – and this means a new round of Trainee at Fair. Between 1,083 exhibitors from 114 different countries, our trainees this year, namely Xaver, Lukas, Linda, Stefanie, Dominik and Joseph, and I, Julia, as a blog-writing intern, will be immersing ourselves in the hustle and bustle of the fair. Creative beer culture, technical expertise and curiosity as far as the eye can see, and we shall be part of it! We hope you still have a bit of space free for us :-).

Before we set off for the fair, I met up with our four technical (see above) and two commercial trainees Stefanie Rebele and Joseph Heuschneider, to talk to them about their remits and to get an idea of their initial expectations. All of them are already in their second year of training, and meanwhile quite at home in the Krones corporate environment. They’re all looking forward to the fair with pleasurable anticipation and keen curiosity. “What precisely will we have to do?” “Explain the machines to visitors by ourselves? Will we manage?” – these were just some of the questions from the trainees. Our four technical trainees will, among other things, autonomously and (I have no doubts at all) confidently make sure that the visitors to the fair receive all the requisite information on the exhibits. Quite a lot of responsibility, though they’re quite welcome to have fun as well :-).

And I myself, of course, wanted to learn a bit more about all of them, since I’m insatiably curious by nature.

Xaver Philipp, training to qualify as an electronics engineer for plant technology with Profile 21, is an authentic “IT nerd”, you might almost say. Besides his actual training, he also updates the Krones AG’s company sport website, and Lukas Schlauderer is involved on a voluntary basis as well. He’s been an active helper at the Federal Agency for Technical Relief for more than eight years, and even in his free time regularly lends a can-do helping hand. Dominik Schandri, whose younger brother also works for Krones, is our ace athlete among the trainees at the fair. He’s dedicated not only to his training to qualify as a plant technician, but also to the company’s football team. Linda Schaffarzik, of course, stands out conspicuously in this team – as the only girl among the young men. “I’ve always loved anything technical – physics was my favourite subject at school, and there’s nothing I like better than getting to work with a wrench and a screwdriver.”

So their technicians’ hearts beat a little faster when the four of them learned that they had been chosen to assist at the BrauBeviale 2016. Besides helping to advise the clients visiting the stand during the fair, all four of them, like last year’s team, will be giving some energetic hands-on assistance in erecting and dismantling the machines.

Like their predecessors Benjamin and Michael last year, they will be lending a hand in positioning and aligning the machines in the hall at the fair and testing them for full functionality for presentation at the BrauBeviale.

from left to right: Stefanie Rebele (20) and Joseph Heuschneider (28)

from left to right: Stefanie Rebele (20) and Joseph Heuschneider (28)

As a blog-writing intern, I myself will be prowling the fair to see what I can discover, not least with my two commercial trainees Stefanie Rebele and Joseph Heuschneider – armed with a smartphone, a whole lot of questions in my head and an extra portion of curiosity. And with the aim of capturing everything of interest that I come across :-). So every day you can immerse yourself in the hustle and bustle of the fair, and follow our investigations at the BrauBeviale 2016 in Nuremberg.

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If you want to gain an initial impression, then take a look at the video of the BrauBeviale 2015 :-).