“We’re all one big family”

Enthusiasm and conviction are the best motivators: every day, more than 12,000 staff at Krones are giving their best for the company and its clients, in Germany, at the 74 facilities worldwide, and, of course, on site at our clients’ own plants. One of them is Alfons Traublinger. The qualified mechanical engineer is employed in Thermal Product Treatment, dealing with the production kit for soft drinks, dairy products and water. As his words unequivocally reveal: he’s proud of belonging to the Krones family.

“I’ve been with Krones for more than seven years now. My speciality is process technology: from product treatment, carbonation, pasteurisation and cleaning all the way through to filling. My work varies from day to day. I can go online with my notebook to view and analyse a line’s ongoing production status. I can provide support for the operating staff or, if necessary, selectively alter parameters, so as to optimise the process sequences involved. And if that doesn’t work, then I hop on a plane and jet off to the client’s facility in person. They appreciate our global presence and the full-coverage service support we provide. If they need any assistance with their line, we’re always there for them. Because every hour of standstill in a production line may mean substantial losses.

Teamwork in Thailand: The first producion

Teamwork in Thailand: The first producion

A bottling line is a complex system composed of many different machines, all of them networked with each other. Ultimately, there’s only one thing that counts: the entire line has to run at maximised cost-efficiency – no compromises allowed. Good teamwork is a vital precondition here, of course. Each individual bears a whole lot of responsibility. Once the project’s been completed, then it’s like you’re a kid playing with your model railway: you press a button, and everything starts running – a brilliant experience and an incredible surge of happiness.

From the directors to the fitters: one big family

Krones’ strength is its broadly based diversity. In our work, every day, different cultures and languages come together. To enable us to respond promptly to our clients’ wishes, Krones maintains a global presence: more than 3,000 colleagues are busy at our facilities all around the planet. Besides this internationality, of course, we also score highly in terms of our down-to-earth mindset. Because Krones is one big family: from the directors to the fitters. Whenever we meet each other on the company’s premises, a “Good morning”, “Hello” or “Cheers” is mandatory. Friendliness and mutual respect are piece and parcel of our daily work.

Krones offers its staff an extensive choice of benefits: the Kroki child day care centre, Krones’ own company health insurance scheme, affordable meals in the company restaurants and an option of taking a sabbatical are just a few examples that go to show how Krones rewards the commitment of its people.

My job demands of me flexibility and mobility. But these also entail restrictions on my private life. Quite a few leisure events or birthday parties have had to be put on the back burner in favour of spontaneous trips abroad. On the other hand, the many international friendships and valuable experiences make up for these deprivations.

When you work at Krones, you have the opportunity to travel a lotDiscovering the world

I can still remember quite clearly my first deployment abroad for Krones. It was seven years ago, I’d only been with the company five days, and I was already on my way to a client in San Pedro Sula, Honduras. On site, I benefited enormously from my long years of experience in nuclear power plant construction and the chemical industry. The project was completed successfully, and in addition I was able to solve a problem with the steam supply in one of the local breweries.

Since I’ve been with Krones, I’ve travelled to many parts of the world. The most interesting country for me is without a doubt South Africa. A region in transition, a nation being reborn, ever-changing scenery, an astonishing mixture of different cultures, fascinating flora and fauna, and unforgettable sunsets.

On every trip, I meet friendly, helpful people. I’m always a guest, but not as a tourist, I’m interacting directly with the guys I encounter. This enables you to get to know the country and its people much better. It’s all the different experiences that have improved my cultural competence. What’s most valuable for me, without a doubt, is this insight: no matter what you do, a smile always goes a long way.

Before I travel to an unfamiliar country, I find out as much as I can beforehand about its history, its culture and the political situation there. I learn the most important words in its language. Of course, I also have to swot up all the details of the order and the client involved. At the moment, I’m working on projects in China, Indonesia, Morocco and Switzerland. But although I’ve already seen quite a lot of the world, there are still some “blank spots” I’d like to visit.

No trip is the same, and yet they all have one thing in common: when I get back and see the mountains, the white-blue sky, and the onion-shaped church towers, and hear the familiar Bavarian dialect, then I feel immediately at home. We’ve got wonderful scenery here, congenial people, a rich culture, and above all the best beer gardens.

We do more

In all my work, I think it’s important to do something for society as a whole. I really like helping our clients – whether it’s on the phone or on site. Because it’s not only an experience, it’s also an adventure.

I am proud to be working for Krones. It’s a company I can identify with. After all, it’s no accident that our motto is ‘We do more’.