Well trained into the future

For a successful career, nothing is more important nowadays than good training. So for school-kids, the crucial question is: what career, what company? In order to supply a possible answer, a Training Day was held on 7 July 2018 at Krones’ facilities in Neutraubling and Rosenheim.

From 9 a.m. to 1 p.m., school-kids, parents and all other interested parties had an opportunity to bring themselves comprehensively up to speed on the study and training options available at Krones. The instructors answered questions, and provided the participants with a better overview of the various career paths involved. In addition, the morning programme in Neutraubling featured a series of presentations on sandwich courses and the two career paths of euro-business specialist and Profile 21.

It’s the first impression that counts

One special highlight was premiered this year for all those who are drawing up their job applications and feel that a bit of support couldn’t hurt: an application folder check including a photo-shoot. After all, it’s true for job applications as well: it’s the first impression that counts. The application letter, and the CV as well, have to be elegantly expressed and visually appealing – and who could give better tips on this than our specialists from the HR Department? For this purpose, all the young people had to do was bring along their application folders to the Training Day in Neutraubling, for our training experts to give it a meticulous scrutiny. And to round off the whole thing, they had an opportunity into the bargain to have their application photos taken directly on the spot. After that, the application can hardly go wrong, wouldn’t you say?

At the parallel event in Rosenheim, too, there was a special for all participants: here, the programme included an exclusive chance to view the production operation, so as to familiarise the young people and their parents with the various training careers available.

When the day came to a close, the organisers in both Neutraubling and Rosenheim were satisfied with the way the events went, and were delighted by the high attendance.