We do more … for your health!

“Health isn’t everything, but without health nothing is anything!” as predicated by Arthur Schopenhauer. So health is actually a person’s most important asset and the basis for our performative capabilities and well-being.

But what exactly is health?

It’s true, we often wish for it, but presumably not very many people are fully aware of what’s actually behind it. Are there different kinds of health? How is health measured? And are you automatically healthy when you’re not ill?
Quite obviously not! But health isn’t only the absence of illness or sickness, it is rather the presence of physical, mental and social well-being.

Corporate health-care management (CHM)

This is exactly what has since 2018 been addressed by HR Health Management as part of Krones’ health-care management scheme. And I in turn am a part of that: Anna – who may here use her wand to paint a bit of green – the colour of the CHM – into Krones’ corporate blue. Our goal is to create a healthy organisation, backed up by the vision of “establishing health as a constituent part of our corporate culture because credible, sustainable action on the part of the company, the senior managers and all staff will make sure we stay fit for future purpose together.”

All measures and structural changes serving to promote our staff’s health, and by the same token benefiting the company as well, have been grouped together in the CHM. The workload is reduced, appreciation, satisfaction and well-being increase, and with them the organisation’s productivity and performative capabilities as well.

Healthy conduct, health-conducive conditions

So we focus on developing corporate framework conditions, structures and processes that ensure a health-conducive working environment at Krones. We are likewise proactively fostering our employees’ capabilities to draw on their full health potential and to upgrade and promote their skillsets.

But just as there is much more to health than that, there is likewise a great deal more to report on the CHM. This is why I am pleased that as of now I will here be providing all our readers with more detailed information, so as to bring more health to our everyday (working) lives at precisely the juncture when the coronavirus pandemic is keeping us all on our toes.