Walk right in: we’re inviting you to take a look at the House of Krones

Ever built your own house? Never mind if you haven’t, I’m sure you’re familiar with the basics of building a house. And our House of Krones also abides by these basics. The Lifecycle Service constitutes the indispensable, solid foundation, the base for all other sections. Process, filling and packaging technologies, plus intralogistics, epitomise the (load-bearing) walls. It’s our fifth core section, though, that renders the house habitable and fit for everyday use: digitisation is what sits on top of the House of Krones as its roof, thus completing our portfolio.

And it’s precisely this house that we shall also be erecting at the interpack in Düsseldorf from 4 to 10 May 2017 – though not in bricks and mortar, but in virtual reality. And you are, of course, cordially invited to walk right in and find out live and in detail about all the solutions we can offer you.

However, the interpack wouldn’t be the interpack if it didn’t to focus on one topic, in particular: packaging technology. Which is why one of our keynote exhibits is the Varioline quite obviously, a machine which has already succeeded most emphatically in gaining widespread acceptance in the bottling industry. Why? Because it’s just the right one for (almost) all filling companies. The Varioline consists of a cartoning module, feed module, and basic module, which can be combined to form a customised packaging system, thus enabling a fit-for-purpose solution to be created for any customer – completely irrespective of whether he’s filling glass bottles, PET containers, cans or canisters. But our packaging virtuoso scores not only in terms of maximised flexibility, it’s a genuinely miraculous space-saver as well: a single Varioline replaces up to six conventional individual machines.


The Belgian specialty brewery De Brabandere is one of more than 30 bottlers who have already benefited from the Varioline’s versatility. The Varioline produces up to 34 different package types there. Brewmaster Yves Benoit is veritably entranced: “It’s the ultimate luxury for a brewery of our size: we can supply our customers faster. The quality of the packaging is better, and the automated packaging function is significantly more affordable. What’s more, we cause a smaller CO2 footprint, since intermediate transports for repacking are no longer needed. And as the Varioline can be swiftly modified to handle different formats, we are able to operate with significantly more flexibility, not least when it comes to our end-of-the-line packaging.”

Needless to say that at the interpack in May, we shall be exhibiting lots, lots more from our House of Krones. Have I whetted your curiosity? Then come and visit us on Stand 14E33 from 4 to 10 May, so that you can find out more!