Walk right in – the new trainees for 2015

It’s summer in Neutraubling. In brilliant sunshine, many desks are left unoccupied; the most frequent mails in my inbox are various out-of-office messages from my colleagues. In short: it’s holiday time for the staff at Krones AG.

But not for all of them! Because one team is working full out, despite the summer temperatures, to prepare for the arrival of well over 100 “new Kronese”. That’s right, on 1 September we shall again be welcoming the new trainees!

To ensure that the 130 young people who will be starting their training at Krones AG in 2015 can begin their future traineeships without any problems, quite a lot has to be done first. This, of course, doesn’t happen only in the few weeks leading up to 1 September: Stefanie Hierl, the responsible executive in the Human Resources Department, emphasises that the preparations “actually last the whole year”.

It kicks off with the selection procedure to choose the trainees for the following year. As from December, contracts are then formulated, printed, sent out, and signed by the future trainees or their parent/guardian. When all future trainees have been registered with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce, the next step is to put in place the “basis for all the rest”: in April/May, the HR master data record is created, and the trainees are assigned their future K-numbers, which they will soon be able to say in their sleep. And then it’s time to tackle the details: informational material and report logs need to be prepared, and working clothes ordered for each of the trainees. Seemingly minor tasks, yes, but they all have to be remembered – so the entire team lends a hand.

And tomorrow the big day dawns. 96 new trainees are expected in Neutraubling alone, plus 13 in Rosenheim, 10 in Nittenau, 6 in Freising and 5 in Flensburg. And there Stefanie Hierl spontaneously thinks of someone else who’s important for a successful start to the training programme: “We mustn’t forget our colleagues at reception! They have a particularly heavy workload on this day, and for most of the trainees constitute their first contact with Krones.” At eight o’clock in the morning, the watchword is “walk right in”, to the reception hall, and then things start to get properly exciting. Because before they get to meet their assigned trainers, they are first of all welcomed by Volker Kronseder, by the Employees’ Council, and by Michaela Sperl, Head of Coordinated Training.

For the industrial trainees, who this year account for approximately two-thirds of all the new intake, their first stop after that is the training centre, where they will be spending the initial period of their training. The trainees in the commercial category, by contrast, are posted directly to their first department, where the first information is waiting for them. Time account, clocking in, using Inside – good that you get a mentor assigned to you from the second year of training, to help you settle in! And after the first week at the latest, when a tour of the plant, a safety briefing, various courses and the initial orientation phase have all been successfully completed, then hopefully the new trainees, too, will feel a bit more at home in our facility.

You’d like to be one of those people who next year will be hearing “Walk right in, trainee intake 2016”? Then send off your application straight away, because the deadline for applications extends until 30 September 2015. You will find more information on training at Krones and possible career paths here. (in German)

On the subject of vocational training, Michaela Sperl and Stefanie Hierl also have some interesting information: at Krones, the number and career paths for trainee hirings are determined by on the predicted demand for the next few years. Depending on the particular requirements in the individual departments, then, it’s possible that the training options on offer may vary slightly from year to year – so if your interest is longer-term in nature, it’s well worth your while to keep an eye on the relevant ads.