Volker Kronseder: extremely satisfied with this drinktec – Signposting the way into the future

The drinktec 2013 is coming to a close. Time for an appraisal from Krones’ Executive Board Chairman Volker Kronseder.

Herr Kronseder, as the President of the drinktec, are you satisfied with how it’s gone?

The high expectations had already been met by the fourth day, when visitor numbers had reached 58,000. With another 10,000 visitors predicted for Friday, that adds up to almost 70,000 expert guests, more than 60 per cent of them from abroad. The organisers and the exhibiting companies have all done a good job. The drinktec has thus more than met its original target. All the fair’s exhibitors have made every effort to excel in terms of striking innovations and put on a brilliant show for their visitors.


And how did things go on Krones’ own stand?

We are pretty confident that perhaps 90 per cent of the guests also visited the Krones stand. That’s a challenge for us, of course; the vast majority of our visitors are in fact clients. Many of them, particularly among the breweries, are saying that Krones has put in a special effort here. Which is nice to hear. Like athletes training for the Olympics, we at Krones have prepared ourselves over four long years to put in a peak performance for the trade public at the drinktec. Today, on the final day of the fair, I can safely say: the response has been overwhelming. The trade visitors, our clients, all confirm that we have come up with innovations that are absolutely reality-driven, efficient and future-friendly. If our clients are happy, then so are we. Accordingly, my verdict is: the drinktec 2013 has fully lived up to our expectations, the internationality was very high, the industry’s basic mindset was definitely an optimistic one, and at the fair we have closed deals worth triple-digit millions. But above all, we now know that the innovations we have premiered will have an effect on the filling industry for a long time to come. Here, in a cycle of four years, we exhibit newly created machines and systems designed to signpost a promisingly profitable path into the future for our clients. This will have a long-lasting effect.

Is there a particular highlight that stands out for you this time?

For me personally, the highlight of the fair was the BEVkeg, which we have developed in conjunction with Micro Matic, the tapping system specialist. It has been very well received, and I am keen to see how it will perform on the market.


So was this the best drinktec ever?

There aren’t really any superlatives left for this fair. It undoubtedly helped that this drinktec, for the first time in 16 years, was not burdened with external factors like economic crises and epidemics.

The macro-economic outlook for 2014 is generally optimistic of course. For Europe in particular, the predictions are for increased investment, which gave the drinktec an additional boost.

The five days in Munich have also, we would assume, helped the Krones team to bond with each other and fostered an upbeat mindset?

Taking part in an event of this kind has not only an external, but also an internal effect. We are represented here by a team of around 700 staff, many of whom have indicated to me that they’re very proud of their company and really enjoy working for Krones. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with this drinktec, and are very much looking forward to talking with our clients in the follow-up to the fair.