#Varioline: the packing virtuoso par excellence

Christmas is fast approaching – and with it the season of gift-wrapping. For some people, it’s a bothersome waste product from gift-giving in what’s anyway a sufficiently stressful run-up to Christmas, whereas for others it’s a chance to showcase their artistic skills with gift-wrap, ribbons and decorative gift tags. But when it comes to speed, accuracy and versatility of packaging skills, then there’s one model that definitely has its nose in front: the Krones Varioline packaging system.

Admittedly – the Varioline doesn’t bother itself with paper, adhesive tape and ribbons. But why on earth should it? After all, the packages it produces aren’t supposed to look pretty underneath the Christmas tree, but attractive on the supermarket shelves – and above all they have to survive the journey there without any damage.

Flexibility in terms of packaging modes

The Varioline enables clients to combine primary, secondary and tertiary packages at will. This means: no matter whether it’s a glass bottle, a PET container, a can or a canister – for every primary package there’s a suitable cartoning solution. And that’s not all: in order to increase ease of handling and above all transport safety still further, these multipacks can in their turn be stowed in secondary packages – all of this, of course, under the premise of maximised precision.



Flexibility in terms of layout options

Versatility is also the keyword for the machinery’s owners – since the packaging system can be tailored precisely to their needs: if glass bottles merely need to be placed in cartons, the Varioline 1M will suffice, featuring only the intermittent-packer module. However, if the task is not only to erect cartons, but also, for instance, to group the bottles in sixpacks beforehand, then the Varioline 5M, with its five modules, will handle all the process steps required. It’s precisely because the robots work hand in hand, so to speak, that the packaging system constitutes a space-saving alternative to traditional packaging lines.


Flexibility in terms of change-overs

And when the six-packs are to be placed not in cartons, but in plastic crates, this is child’s play for the Varioline, since thanks to its modularised construction change-overs between different package types take next to no time.

The Varioline can also easily be modified at any time for coping with new packaging trends. If the machine has to be expanded for this purpose, this will have no effect whatsoever on the formats already being handled. Moreover, the packaging system can be seamlessly expanded with other components from Krones’ range of machinery, such as the Variopac Pro, which provides the appropriate film secondary packaging ? for the trays from the der Varioline.

Numerous persuasive arguments in favour of the Varioline – wouldn’t you agree? It’s for precisely this reason that the packaging system’s been included in our #GermanBlingBling advertising campaign. And when I look forward to the upcoming Christmas season, then what I would like is for the Varioline to have a little sister who would help me wrap the presents.