Training for enhanced performance and customer satisfaction

Very simple and utilitarian, but nonetheless modern, well-lit and welcoming – I take an immediate liking to the new Training Center of the Krones Academy in Neutraubling. Andreas Müller, the Academy’s Director since June 2019, talked to me there about the construction project, the training programme, and future developments.

Andreas Müller, you recently inaugurated the Training Center. Can you tell us briefly what modifications and new construction work had been accomplished beforehand?

A.M.: Modifications, and new construction work, had already been under discussion for more than ten years when in 2018 and early 2019 the existing training hall was then demolished, and the new building erected. After some trialling, in-house initially, the first training courses for clients were held in August 2019. In both the planning and implementation work, we were able to call upon abundant expertise and energy from colleagues and to have lots of the work do

ne internally. For this reason not least, the small internal inauguration ceremony in September was a welcome opportunity for us to bring together all the staff who made a crucial contribution towards the construction project’s success.

What kind of premises are available in the new building?

A.M.: Here, in the new building, we can use 16 training rooms that basically have comparable fixtures and equipment. Some of these rooms, in addition to the standard medial equipment, have the advantage that we ingressed individual machine components directly into them, and can thus conduct particularly realistic training courses. For training on larger machines, a hall measuring 1,507 square metres is available, in which the participants can work on both new technologies and established classics from the Krones portfolio, and hone their skills – without interfering in ongoing production operations at the client’s facility or in the final acceptance test here at Krones. Both the hall and the training rooms have been given a modern but unpretentious design – we attached primary importance to an agreeable ambience and sophisticated presentation technology.


With this new building, the facility in Neutraubling is yet another fit-for-the-future global Krones Center. What do you see as the paramount goals for the Krones Academy in the next few years?

A.M.: Our goal, our driver is and remains to maximise the participants’ performative capabilities. After all, our clients are investing not in training, but in productivity. Our task is to find ways for them to get maximised performance from Krones’ technologies and their own people – not least with the aid of Krones’ service technicians. One vital building block in our work is the training courses for our clients – this is one of our major strengths and will continue to be. But we also attach due importance to further expanding our internal training activities; the globalised, licensed skilling of our service trainers is already very well established and significant. On the international stage, particularly, however, we will continue to progress the train-the-trainer concept, and thus further strengthen our local centers, so that they can operate more autonomously and more effectively. What we shall also be expanding in the near future is the technical training of sales staff, project managers, and other colleagues. Internal training events of this kind have so far been held only on request; we aim to professionalise this utilisation option, and in conjunction with HR to formulate a concept for this purpose. Because with optimally trained staff we enhance customer satisfaction.