Trainee at fair: Julia and Fred investigate at LCS

Trainee at fair Team LCS

After Julia and Fred had introduced themselves the week before last, one thing emerged with impeccable clarity: the duo can hardly wait to get started! So they didn’t hesitate, they set out straight away, and began their research expedition in the company. After all, they want to be properly prepared for the BrauBeviale 2014! Their investigations took them first to their mentor Veronika Furtmayr from LCS, Strategic Product Management. Julia and Fred have already learned plenty of interesting facts from talking to their mentor. The very first questions to be addressed are: what precisely constitutes the remit of Lifecycle Service (LCS for short)? And what is LCS planning for the fair? Our roving reporters will tell you:

The goals and remit of LCS

Trainee at fair Team LCS“We do more!” is Krones AG’s slogan. And this principle is also reflected in the firm’s Lifecycle Service concept, something we quickly realised when talking to our mentor: continual performative upgrading in our service support operations is designed to maintain the requisite levels of customer satisfaction. What’s more, the Lifecycle Service Centers are located all over the world, assuring close-to-hand customer-responsiveness. It’s really impressive that worldwide more than 1,800 service personnel are available to our clients round the clock – and can thus also support them in the national language concerned!

Our mentor Veronika provided us with some initial insights into the product portfolio of LCS. That helps us to prepare ourselves for the Brau, where we shall also be talking to clients both present and prospective. And the remit of Lifecycle Service is multifaceted indeed! It is designed to offer our clients solutions to the three major challenges involved in operating their lines: producing, preserving and optimising.

LCS at the BrauBeviale 2014

Our LCS Team will also, of course, be right there at the “BrauBeviale 2014” in Nuremberg! Which is why we’re already curious to know what products or exhibits the LCS will be showcasing there. Our mentor Veronika has meanwhile revealed some exciting details: the exhibits at the fair will include several upgrades, designed to contribute towards energy and media savings. In addition, Krones’ new eCommerce platform will be presented live, and visitors will be able to bring themselves up to speed on recommended inventory packages, the scope and options offered by our line analyses, and other exciting LCS capabilities. There’s even going to be a catwalk … But we don’t want to give away too much yet! Further information on the topic of eCommerce will follow in one of our next blog postings! 🙂

Trainee at fair Team LCS