Trainee at fair: Krones shines amid the bustle

Trainee at fairWhat different kinds of trade fair are there actually? How many fairs does Krones participate in each year? And why are trade fairs important for Krones at all? Michael and Daniela are determined to find out – after all, they want to be properly prepared for the BrauBeviale 2014! In order to find answers to their questions, they began their research expedition at Corporate Communications, where they took their first look behind the scenes, learning the salient points of how a trade fair participation is actually organised.

Together, we (Daniela and Michael) have in recent weeks been frequenting Corporate Communications, where we talked to our colleagues there, conducted interviews, and asked around quite generally, so as to gain some insights into what kinds of trade fair are held worldwide, and which ones Krones actually exhibits at. Plus, of course, we wanted to find out what role the Brau plays, in particular!

Three kinds of trade fair – and Krones in the thick of it

The first thing we found out was that the fairs where Krones participates can be divided into three different categories: firstly, the fairs that are known all over the world, and are of major importance. Secondly, there are fairs that focus on a particular continent. And the third variant is fairs that are primarily of national significance. We wanted to know, of course, which fairs all around the world Krones can be found at. When we were told the actual figure, we were quite astonished; every year, Krones showcases its corporate capabilities at more than 30 different events! For example, Krones is always an exhibitor at two of the world’s premier trade fairs for our sector, namely the drinktec in Munich and the Interpack in Düsseldorf. But Krones also endeavours to show a presence in every region, and therefore participates in at least one trade fair per region. And what about the Brau? Our researches revealed that the BrauBeviale ranks among the continental fairs, and is primarily important for Western, Central and Eastern Europe.

Trainee at fair HR Team

Why trade fairs are important

Despite all the labour and expenditure involved, trade fairs are still important for the mechanical engineering sector, even in the internet era – this we most definitely realised in the course of our conversations, because it’s there that a company like Krones can showcase its brand image, and clients can see with their own eyes that Krones is a vendor you can safely trust. What’s more, it’s quite a bit more impressive and sensible to see the machines live and have them explained by experts, compared to just seeing them on a photo with a descriptive text. Nina and Markus from the Technology Team can confirm how much more striking and how helpful for understanding them it is to also view the machines in full-size reality as well! 🙂 One very important constituent, perhaps the most important of all, is interpersonal communication. Our people can talk to clients both actual and prospective, and they can all exchange news and views with each other, renew old friendships and make auspicious new contacts.

… And we, too, are already looking forward enormously to the opportunity to meet lots of new people at the Brau and have plenty of interesting conversations! So here’s hoping to see you at the Brau – but before then you’ll be hearing more from us here as well! 🙂

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Daniela & Michael talking to their mentor Charles Schmidt, Head of Creations and Global Communications