Trainee at fair: what actually happens at the fair

Trainee atf air

In their last blog posting, Lisa and Klara spotlighted the person who acts as the central coordinator for organising our stand at the BrauBeviale: Daniela Giehrl, who works in the Corporate Communications/ Global Communications Department. Now that the two trainees have described the preliminary work that Danny has to do, and the individual steps involved in organising a trade fair, today’s blog deals with the specifics of what actually happens during the fair, including erection and dismantling. Lisa and Klara report:


BrauWhen all the details have been clarified with the people responsible at the various departments involved, and Danny has consulted with product specialists, sales and LCS staff, colleagues from Corporate Communications and the Executive Board to coordinate all their wishes and requirements, the green light is given: the design of the stand for the fair, which has been submitted by an outside stand constructor, is translated into physical reality and the erection work can begin!

It’s difficult to believe, but the stand constructor and our fitters need only about four days to erect a stand that measures 1,100 m2. That really impressed us! Simultaneously, the exhibits are installed and the walls take shape. We’re incredibly excited about what the stand at the fair is going to look like “live” – we’ve already had a look at the plans… 🙂

On the spot

When everything is in place, and erection’s been completed the fair can kick off! But who exactly is now there on the spot? A whole lot of colleagues from Sales, of course, who will spend most of their time looking after the clients. And this time there’s something new: because we – Lisa and Klara from the Sales Team, Julia and Fred from the LCS Team, Michael and Daniela from the HR Team, and Markus and Nina from the Technology Team – will be there as well!

What’s more, as we already noted in our last blog posting, caterers have been engaged to provide hospitality for both the clients and Krones’ own people. In addition, a cleaning firm is commissioned to keep things clean throughout the fair, as a minimally intrusive presence. And after the fair closes its doors for the evening, particularly, the stand gets a meticulous cleaning.

So there’s plenty going on in the background. And Danny, too, is there on the spot, to cope with any spontaneous problems encountered, and to coordinate and organise the final touches. Sharing the stand’s office with Danny are the staff in charge of issuing the giveaways for the clients, the film and photo experts, and colleagues who enter the fair reports and quotations in a special system.


The entire stand at the fair is dismantled within just one and a half days. All the exhibits are first transported back to Neutraubling, and delivered to the clients from here. The reason for this is that often it isn’t the complete machine that’s been exhibited, or that it isn’t feasible to give the machine its seaworthy packing in Nuremberg.

Now that we’ve thoroughly mastered the theory, we can hardly wait to see what the practice looks like when we finally get to the fair! See you soon at the Brau 2014! 🙂