Trainee at fair: trade fairs as a career milestone

Michaela Sperl – now working in the Human Resources Department as Head of Coordinated Training – did her training at Krones, just like us, Daniela and Michael. And just like us, too, she had an opportunity to attend a trade fair when she was young. So naturally enough we were interested in hearing about her experiences. We had an opportunity to talk to Michaela Sperl.

When she heard about the project “Trainee at fair”, Michaela Sperl immediately and enthusiastically agreed to meet us for an interview. And she told us that once upon a time she herself had been able to get involved in a trade fair – a career-defining experience that has stayed with her to the present day. Shortly after completion of her training, she was asked whether she wanted to go along to the drinktec in Munich, to work in the fair office there. She didn’t have to think twice before agreeing.

A flexible remit

Trainee at fairMs Sperl told us that during the two weeks of the drinktec she was tasked with an enormous range of different jobs, where the paramount need was for flexibility: she collected clients from the airport, for instance, helped serve drinks in the catering zone, topped up the stacks of brochures, and handled lots of other tasks that needed doing quickly. She also coped with difficult situations involving clients. Just like us, she was greatly helped back then by technicians who kindly explained all the exhibits to her.

What we liked best was when she told us how she came into contact with clients from far and near and spoke about the reassuringly strong bond of mutual supportiveness among all the staff, without which things would not run nearly as smoothly at a fair. We’re already looking forward to what we hope will be similar experiences! Full of enthusiasm, Ms Sperl told us that a fair is an entirely different world, and it was a wonderful experience for her. Which made us look forward to the Brau even more keenly!

Contacts that have survived to this very day

Michaela Sperl reported that she’s still in contact with some of the people she met back then – and sometimes they enjoy recalling fond memories together of what things were like at the drinktec in the old days. For her “day job”, these contacts are often advantageous. We are likewise hoping to make lots of Trainee at fairinteresting new acquaintances! Michaela Sperl, too, was confident that we eight trainees can gather important experiential benefits from this project, which will be helpful for our future careers.

Finally, she gave as another tip for the future, to always stay curious and committed, and ask lots of questions. This we have done – and we shan’t be slackening our efforts until we’ve found out everything there is to know about the BrauBeviale 2014! 🙂 We’re already looking forward keenly to the fair, and hope that our experiences will be just as enjoyable and exciting as Ms Sperl’s.