Trainee at fair HR Team: Daniela and Michael are tracking it down!

Trainee at fair profile team HRJust exactly who or what is the BrauBeviale? What significance does it have for Krones? What sort of preparations have to be made for the fair, and why? Daniela and Michael are the first of four trainee teams in all, who are tasked with researching the content and the context of the BrauBeviale 2014.

The future industrial clerk and the dual student reading electrical engineering are engaged in intra-company espionage. Their investigations have taken them, for instance, to their colleagues in Corporate Communications. Which is where they hope to find what they’re so urgently seeking: cogent answers to a multitude of burning questions!

How on earth do you plan a trade fair stand like this, and what are all the considerations that have to be factored in? Who creates the invitations for the clients, and who looks after the stories for the press? And how does all the content get transferred to Krones’ channels worldwide? Questions galore – there’s lots to be done!

And now we can get a bit better acquainted with the two detectives. You will find more information by clicking on the adjacent profile.

In self-produced videos, Daniela and Michael showcase both their mission and themselves: