Trainee at fair Sales Team: Fit for the fair – Lisa and Klara get cracking

Trainee at fair profile Sales TeamThe BrauBeviale 2014 will soon be upon us – there’s lots to do! That’s why the two industrial clerks Lisa und Klara from the sales team naturally enough have quite a few questions, such as:

How in fact are the customers selected, and who sends out and receives the invitations? How are buses and hotels organised? How is human resources planning coordinated for a major trade fair like the BrauBeviale? What other preparations have to be made? 

At Krones Sales, they aim to collect information, to find out precisely how a fair like this is organised. After all, Lisa and Klara want to be involved in the BrauBeviale 2014 as experts! Before they set out to find the answers, they would like first of all to introduce themselves. You will find more information about the two of them by clicking on the adjacent profile.

And they will showcase their misson in the following video: