Trainee at fair: Mission to the BrauBeviale 2014 or 4 x 2 = anticip8ory trainees

Anyone who’s dabbled in numerology will have swiftly noticed that eight is a really awesome number, symbolising fairness, harmony, individual responsibility, and ethical values – underpinned by inner steadfastness and mental balance. It’s precisely this symbological element that’s worth contempl8ing. So it’s all the more felicitous that by pure chance it’s precisely eight Krones trainees who will be setting out on a mission to the BrauBeviale 2014.

In almost fairy-tale style, they are leaving home, so to speak, and boldly seeking out new challenges. Always as a team of two, they are tasked with a special remit matched to their training background and personal interests. In pictures, text and audio, they are aiming to get an in-depth picture of the intricacies involved at Krones when a trade fair comes round? Who takes care of the organisational and planning work? What exhibits will be showcased, and why? What specific technical requirements need to be met? How do the sales people prepare for this? What are the myriad things you need to remember for transporting and erecting the machines? What happens at the fair itself? And afterwards? Lots of questions, and lots of material for some exciting stories.

Trainee at fair

And why are they doing all this? Because it’s interesting. Because it’s vibrant and tangible. Not a chimerical façade, but proactively embraced corporate culture, and because our trainees are tomorrow’s generation, and, and, and … all this could be extrapolated in an infinitely concatenated enumeration … and there’s an apposite keyword: infinity. From a spiritual viewpoint, the number eight stands for infinity. And in this sense: let’s look forward to some infinitely fascin8ing and exciting stories from eight trainees who set out on a mission to the BrauBeviale …