Trainee at fair: “Line efficiency” – what is it exactly?

In their researches on the general remits and goals of the Krones Lifecycle Service (LCS for short), Julia and Fred repeatedly came across the term “line efficiency”. Now they want to know: what precisely does it signify? What role does it play in the LCS? And what action can be taken to assure consistent line efficiency? Julia and Fred investigate, so that they are up to speed for the BrauBeviale 2014!

Measures for enhancing line efficiency: maintaining a machine’s output

Our blog posting today is themed around the topic of line efficiency. Our first question was: what exactly is meant by the term “line efficiency”? In the course of our researches, we came across the saying “Change is the natural enemy of perfection”. We quickly realised what this meant: if the situational conditions for production lines change, this may affect the line’s efficiency – so it may happen that output will fall at the machine concerned. In order to assure line efficiency, the Krones LCS team accordingly develops and offers a variety of solutions.

Julia and Fred talking with their mentor Veronika Furtmayr (Strategic Product  Management)

Julia and Fred talking to their mentor Veronika Furtmayr (Strategic Product Management)

There are several factors playing a crucial role here. A high level of line efficiency already begins, it was explained to us, with a properly organised inventory stock on site, which if at all possible should be prepared for all eventualities at all times. The name of this solution is: stock-keeping package, specifically developed for assisting clients to meet and master this problem.

In order to get the maximum out of a line, it has to be thoroughly checked at regular intervals. Preventive maintenance includes servicing, inspection and overhauls. Malfunctions are remedied by appropriate repairs.

Line analyses for upgrading the performative potential

Trainee at fair FredIn addition, LCS experts also perform line analyses to ensure that the performance potential rises. We learned that the analytical phase is divided into several main phases, such as drawing up a line profile, localising the weak points, acquiring the as-is status, production planning, and implementation of immediate modifications.

It’s important, of course, to ensure that despite any problems encountered normal production can be resumed with a minimum of delay. In order to minimise downtimes, Krones accordingly offers a Service Line, available round the clock. To secure the achieved levels of line efficiency, moreover, the Krones Academy provides courses of advanced skilling, such as operator control, maintenance and management training.

Trainee at fair JuliaAll the efforts on the part of Krones AG are geared to optimising the line’s performance. The described measures can also have, where applicable, a positive effect regarding the energy-economy of the equipment. Apart from the presented products there are of course some more possibilities to assure line efficiency. You can learn more about these visiting the LCS stand at the BrauBeviale 2014! At the fair the LCS product portfolio will be spotlighted, and new strategies for improving lines will be presented. We’re already looking forward to that! 🙂