Trainee at fair: Krones’ exhibits for the Brau 2014 – Vol. 5: BEVkeg field-testing

Just once, to stand behind the bar and tap your own drink – that’s something every one of us has probably dreamed of doing. Our Technology Team, consisting of Nina and Markus, had an opportunity to do this, and quite a bit more. On their mission to become technology experts for the BrauBeviale 2014, they found out a whole lot more: now they know precisely what sort of engineering is behind it all! Today, they’re sharing this knowledge with us, and providing us with some interesting facts on the BEVkeg as an all-inclusive solution. And since they have even subjected it to a hands-on field test, Nina and Markus are also clued up about how it actually works.

BEVkeg Faktenblatt engBEVkeg – our hands-on field test

Ute John-Unterburger, Jochen Krüger and Christian Hajek are the specialists for BEVkeg, a solution from Krones for the disposable keg market. Ute and Jochen brought along a beverage keg to our meeting, together with the associated packaging carton, and explained to us how it is handled at the BEVmate tapping system, and how to replace a keg, something that anyone can do for themselves after a short briefing:

open the door, take out the empty keg, remove the used disposable beverage line and insert a new keg and a new beverage line – close the door, and it’s all systems go! The BEVkeg moves into position by itself, and is tapped in the BEVmate. Now the beer can start to flow!

We were allowed to test it out straight away, of course. Make sure to keep the glass tilted, and let the beer flow freely. In our case, it was a non-alcoholic wheat beer. And it can safely be said it was a resounding success at the very first attempt – well, at least it looked fantastic! 🙂

BEVkeg at the BrauBeviale 2014

BEVkeg and BEVmateWe learned that there’s going to be a separate area for BEVkeg at the Brau, where any brewers and producers interested can find out precisely how and whether BEVkeg is suitable for them.

The heart of the system is always the 20-litre PET keg and for the trappings, meaning the production kit, Krones supplies the appropriate technology, like the filler and closer.

KIC Krones delivers the individual components for BEVkeg production to the beverage company concerned. These can be either the finished containers or on the other hand preforms, which have to be blow-moulded to create these finished containers.

BEVkegThese are then supplemented by handle-strap reels, outer cartons and disposable beverage lines. The systems technology for producing the BEVkeg comes from Krones and Kosme.

Once the BEVkeg has been filled and closed, it is given a label and a handle strap, and is placed in an outer carton. These cartons are then placed on pallets and are ready for dispatch. The matching disposable beverage line is already provided inside the carton.

So the landlord or the restaurateur has everything he needs right there to hand. With the BEVmate tapping system, the way is now clear for relishing a freshly tapped and quaffable beer. As we ourselves can confirm, it’s all very dependable and easy to handle. But you can experience this yourself at the Brau – we are looking forward to it! 🙂