Trainee at fair: Krones’ exhibits at the Brau 2014 – Vol. 6 Kosme’s Barifill beer filler

Ergomatic, Hydronomic, Linatronic – all these are no longer mysterious and esoteric denominators for Nina and Markus from the Technology Team. And that’s not all: the two of them have been progressing their researches, have once again acted as roving reporters in the company, and now know a bit more about Krones’ exhibits at the BrauBeviale 2014. Today, they are spotlighting the Barifill beer filler from Kosme.

Barifill factsWhen we met up with Product Specialist Michael Zimmermann, he told us all details about the exhibit at the Brau: a Kosme Barifill will be showcased there. This is a versatile filler featuring leading-edge technology in terms of erection, maintenance and cleaning.

The Barifill series offers several combination options: for instance, the filler can be combined with a rinser and a closer. If necessary, it can also be concatenated with the multifunctional Variocap closer, which combines a crowner and a capper in a single machine. This saves space and time. It was explained to us that thanks to its compact dimensions the filler is ideally suited for relatively small breweries in particular.

We found out that for the Kosme filler design priorities included easy, reliable operator control and optimised hygiene: a modularised base with a tilted tabletop simplifies maintenance and cleaning for the operator. The control valve assembly has also been design-enhanced. It is available in manual and fully automatic versions.

Trainee at fair

This is how the beer gets into the bottle

Pneumatically controlled Krones filling valves ensure that the bottling process can proceed swiftly and without any fobbing, thus preserving the quality of the product concerned. We learned that in terms of technology and functionality the Kosme Barifill resembles the larger Krones filler.

Trainee at fairOur researches have also revealed that the VKPV valve is ideally suited for filling glass bottles with beer. Thanks to several different pre-evacuation steps, and flushing the bottle with ring bowl gas, oxygen pick-up during filling is minimised.

As was explained to us, this is very important for the quality of the beer – because when the content of oxygen inside the bottle and in the beer is lower, the beer will stay fresher.

More details, then, at the Brau in Nuremberg! Till then, cheers. 😉