Trainee at fair: from 6 to 11,000 square metres – Krones’ trade fair stands

Now that Daniela and Michael have already found out what different kinds of trade fairs there are, and why they are important for Krones, today sees some further meaningful questions raised. Such as what precisely does a Krones stand at a trade fair look like – and in particular at the BrauBeviale 2014? And how large are these stands? Michael and Daniela look into it.

Trainee at fair Team HRAs we have already reported, Krones showcases its corporate capabilities at a host of different trade fairs. But what does each of these stands look like? We’ve found out that the actual size of the stand varies quite considerably from fair to fair. Sometimes, for instance, a stand measures only 6 m² – but others may occupy up to 1,000 m² or so.

But there’s one major exception when it comes to size, and that’s the drinktec in Munich, where a stand measuring approximately 11,000 m² demonstrates beyond a doubt that this is the biggest, but also the most important trade fair for Krones. Since a large number of different interesting exhibits will be showcased and will attract huge crowds of visitors, Krones rents an entire hall. After all, a lot of space is needed in order to accommodate all the exhibits (including some very large machines) and provide sufficient space for both Krones’ staff and the visitors.

The stand at the Brau

Daniela and Michael talking to Daniela Giehrl (Corporate Communications/Live Events)Naturally enough, we were particularly interested in what Krones’ stand at this year’s Brau is going to look like. In Corporate Communications, we were told that it will measure more than 1,000 m², so that there will be enough space for all the exhibits. We’re already looking forward enormously to seeing that! A stand of these dimensions will without a doubt be far more impressive in the hall at the fair than on the drawing we were shown at Corporate Communications.

So what are all the considerations that have to be factored into the planning work for the stand at the Brau? One crucial point in this context is that the Brau only lasts three days, which is a pretty short time compared to most trade fairs. And even so, the erection work can be started only a short time beforehand, because other trade fairs are being held immediately preceding the Brau. This means that overall an immense amount of work has to be squeezed into short phases, and the erection work accordingly has to be meticulously planned well in advance – so that later on, in the immediate run-up to the fair, everything gets done quickly.

The Brau as a communication-themed fair

We also learned that the Brau, as a “communication-themed fair”, prioritises a focus on dialogue. Representatives from numerous trade organisations will be visiting the fair. Top-ranking corporate executives will be there, and staff who work with machines on a daily basis, and can accordingly pass on helpful tips and information to the clients. For Krones, the paramount priority is to proactively seek out clients and talk to them – so that our corporate maxim of  “respecting values in effective dialogue” is also embraced to the full.

Trainee at fair - we take care

Corporate values

In addition, at the Brau Krones will be offering some appetising and sustaining snacks, plus a chill-out zone where the visitors can relax from the hustle and bustle of the fair. But for us, of course, having a rest is not to be thought of at present – we’re going to be progressing our researches on all that remains to be done before the fair begins, and what else is worth knowing about the Brau! 🙂