Trainee at fair: easy online shopping

Julia and Fred from the Lifecycle Service Team (LCS for short) have once again been exploring the company in their researches. Their topic today is: Krones’ own online shop. But what does Krones need an online shop for at all? What’s behind the project? The two trainees have researched this, and now report on their findings.

In the course of our researches, we, Julia and Fred, came across a very interesting and ambitious topic: eCommerce! We learned that Bernd Baldauf, together with his team, is working on an eBusiness platform with an online shop. Sounds exciting! So we investigated more closely:

Personalised spare parts ordering at the click of a mouse

The newly developed platform is called “”. It will be available as from the BrauBeviale 2014. The shop is tasked with simplifying the process of ordering single parts, training courses, information, services, etc. or even entire lines. For example, spares can be purchased in the online shop with maximum convenience from your desk, from your tablet or your smartphone. But clients present and prospective can also use the new shop for easy access to information on Krones’ product portfolio – including what are called exploded drawings and exploded parts lists for their own Krones machine(s). The platform is being designed to combine mobility and flexibility, which hitherto could not always be assured due to a high level of bureaucracy.


Plentiful advantages

During our meeting with Bernd Baldauf, who heads the eBusiness Department, we had an opportunity to examine the website for ourselves. The user interface, as we saw, is user-friendly and intuitive to operate, providing an easy purchasing experience for Krones clients both present and prospective.

We were surprised to learn how diverse the capabilities are going to be: as we’ve already mentioned, the platform not only makes it easier for clients to order their spares – it also, for instance, simplifies the organisation of training courses. What’s more, you can get instructions on machine maintenance as well. Really practical! In addition, the client can obtain a much faster overview of the costs and conditions for what he has in mind. There’s also a simple option for retrieving technical data on single parts and also on complete assemblies. For clients, a consultancy function is enabled, ensuring that Krones staff are always at their disposal if they are interested.

We’re really looking forward to the customer feedback, and also to experiencing the reactions live at the Brau. We from the LCS Team are, of course, enthused by this idea, and think this exhibit will be one of the highlights at the fair in Nuremberg – so it’ll be well worthwhile dropping by! See you at the Brau! 🙂