Three Kronese for Periscope

We’re back live on Periscope!

To be exact, these three interns who are doing an internship here are going live on Periscope and want to introduce themselfes to you. My collegue, Ngoc, had already done a Periscope live stream and now telling you briefly how she experienced it.

One month ago, my agenda for the day read: pick up my mobile, open the Periscope live-streaming app, activate the selfie camera mode, and my Q&A marathon, lasting approximately 30 minutes, about my internship at Krones was up and running. What I do here at Krones, what my remits are, what impelled me, a resident of Berlin, to move to Regensburg for Krones, etc., etc. – this is what I spoke to you about live using the camera of my mobile phone. If you’ve missed this Q&A session with me, you’ll have another chance next Monday to talk to me live, to hear about my experiences during my internship, and get answers to your questions.

But this time it’s not just me answering your questions, I’ve also asked Marina and Max to join up with me. Both of them are at present also doing an internship at Krones and want to give you some insights into what they’ve experienced so far. Who we are and what precisely we do here, that’s what we’ll be briefly explaining to you below:

Periscope Ngoc

“My name is Ngoc, I’m 24 years old, and I’ve been supporting the social media team in the Corporate Communications Department for almost 6 months. I moved here from Berlin, and I already have a Bachelor of Science degree in business management from Brandenburg University. Due to my keen interest in social media, I opted for an internship in the social media team. My principal remit consists of the daily business in posting, likes, feedback management, etc. including optimisation of the YouTube channel and supporting small projects like Periscope.”

Periscope Marina

“My name is Marina, I’m 22 years old, and since the beginning of August this year I’ve been an intern on the eBusiness team in the eProcurement Department. I’m studying international management at Fulda University, majoring in controlling and logistics. That’s why I opted for this internship, since here I get to do extensive work on vendor management and project management, subjects that interest me a lot. My principal remit involves creating e-learning tools for individual projects and providing supplier webtransfer support.”

Periscope Max

“My name is Max and I’m 24 years old. Since April 2015, I’ve been an intern in the BTFT Food Engineering Application Department and I’m currently writing my degree dissertation in the company as well. I’m studying mechanical engineering at Leipzig University, and I’ve moved to Regensburg as well. My internship complements my degree course brilliantly, since here I’m working with machines, like the Viscofill filler, and I’m still creating design drawings.”


Now you have an opportunity on Monday, 7 September 2015 at 2 p.m. on our Periscope Channel “kronesag” to ask us everything you want to know about us and our internships at Krones.

It’s important that you follow us on the Periscope Channel and view the live-streaming session using the Periscope app on your smartphone, so we can comment on your questions. This is because the comment function is possible only when using the app, and so you’ll be informed immediately when we’re live on Periscope!

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We’re looking forward to hearing from you! J