They’re slaking a thirst (for knowledge)

From A for Aseptics and B for Brewing, up to K for Kosme – it’s immediately clear that the sequence is actually incomplete. And because our colleagues at Krones UK still have enough ideas to fill the entire alphabet, this year’s seminar continues with P for Packaging Technology. But the Kronese not only have ideas, but meanwhile can also draw upon eight years of fruitful experience in hosting seminars – and thus know precisely which subjects are going to interest clients from the sectors involved.

Armed with this insight, this year they have chosen the subject of “Developments in Packaging Technology”, and with this seminar are aiming to showcase the latest developments in packaging technology. On 10 and 11 June 2015, various speakers from Krones AG and Krones UK will be spotlighting their own specialisms and addressing the expressed interests of the conferees.

After the guests have all arrived safely, Paul Chapple, Technical Sales Manager, will kick off straight away with a highly topical subject. He will be presenting newly developed products for can filling responsively tailored to the needs of the growing craft beer industry – for the smaller filling quantities of the microbreweries, and also for the requirements of their larger counterparts.

But the journey to Bolton, England, will be a rewarding one not only for the representatives of various large breweries. On the contrary, almost 200 Krones clients from a huge range of different industries have been invited – and to judge from the reactions and acceptances already received it is presumptively safe to say there’s going to be a broad spectrum of guests. Producers of soft drinks, wine, spirits, beer, water and ordinary household products – they’re all going to meet up here.

And it will be well worth their while, since the wide choice of presentation topics has universal appeal. Speakers will be exploring the intricacies of various filling technologies, the aseptic stretch blow-moulding of bottles, options for labelling, options for perfect packaging, and optimum maintenance and service support. So quite simply everything that in the broadest sense has to do with filling and packaging of foods and beverages.

And because, as we all know, it may be of definite interest to expand your professional horizons and to talk to experts outside your own firm, besides the presentations there will also be enough time for exchanging news and views. In order to provide the right ambience for this, the organisers are inviting all the conferees to a shared dinner with a Wild West theme.

So there’s plenty to look forward to during the two days in Westregen House, Bolton – not least the new solutions and attractive options!