The world is a stage– next stop: China


China is no longer a stranger on the world’s beer market, as we reported recently on our Craft Beer Blog. And that Krones has a pretty ubiquitous global presence when it comes to trade fairs in its chosen sector is meanwhile common knowledge too. Krones trade fair diary, at least, is brim full with all sorts of different events – held all the year round.

The merry month of May is for Krones AG definitely themed around craft beer. Besides the Craft Brewers Conference in America, we shall also be represented at the Craft Beer Conference & Exhibition (CBCE) in China. From 25 to 27 May, experts, beer-lovers and representatives from all over the world involved in one way or another with craft beer will be getting together in Shanghai.

Nurturing existing contacts, identifying innovative trends on the craft beer scene, or expanding your own geographical customer base as a company, are presumptively the principal goals being targeted at the Chinese Craft Beer Fair. But (empirical) scientific mutual feedback, too, and in particular the dissemination and promotion of craft beer on the Chinese beer market, mean the CBCE is an attractive platform for a wide and varied public.

The product portfolio is diverse as are the visitors to the fair: from the raw materials used to brew the beer (hops, malt, yeast) plus additives, technical systems (monitoring, logistical, transport, warehousing systems, etc.) all the way through to production technology and equipment (e.g. fermentation and filtering systems, equipment for home-brewing, etc.) – the choice is huge and gladdens the craft brewers’ hearts.

Krones AG will be one of the exhibitors in Shanghai this year for the first time, and will be using the exposure to spotlight the Craftmate and the MicroCube.


We at least are already looking forward to having interesting conversations, meeting congenial people, and gaining plenty of new impressions regarding an exciting and above all currently very dynamic topic. And anyway you won’t be missing out on anything, since on our various social media channels we shall always be supplying you with the latest and most important information on the fair! 🙂