The subject of water inspires in Antalya

An extremely relevant topic and the opportunity to experience a completely new water line with a capacity of 40,000 bottles per hour during a reference visit. Need more?
For some 150 representatives of the beverage industry, these aspects – and the prospect of exciting lectures and plenty of personal exchanges – were reason enough to travel to Antalya for the Customer Day of Krones Turkey, which is currently taking place.

On site: 125 water producers from over 45 different companies, 27 employees from supplier companies and three representatives of the two Turkish water associations. For two days, the participants will be dealing with the subject of “water”.


Yesterday, the aforementioned reference visit to Krones’ client CeySu served as the start of the event. The participants were taken by bus to the customer factory about 45 minutes away from the hotel, after which the client and Krones offered guided tours in small groups. A Krones employee was able to provide detailed information on the client’s project, answer questions and point out special technical features on all the main machines of the line, which only went into operation at the beginning of 2019.

After a short round of discussions between the clients, they returned to the hotel, which is both the accommodation for the participants and the venue for the conference. Yesterday evening ended there with a joint dinner and relaxed conversations between the participants.

And today, on Thursday, it continues: Since 08:30 the second day of the customer event has been running, which should be as exciting as yesterday.

Update from Antalya: Meanwhile I can say with certainty that the second day of the event was also a success.
The event started with general presentations on Krones and on the history and development of the local subsidiary Krones Makina. Then three clients took the floor and shared their experiences with Krones – the owners of Oguz Gida and CeySu, among others, reported on their collaboration with Krones.

This was followed by informative presentations on individual areas of Krones Makina. Among the particularly interesting topics were certainly Service, LCS sales and new machine sales – always in focus: the advantages of local service and individual coordination with the client. Concrete technologies were of course also on the agenda. For representatives of the water industry, the topics of container design, PET recycling, ErgoBloc and Line Solutions (layout for water lines) were presented in technical presentations.

For the final presentations of the day, the Krones colleagues once again gave the floor: two OEM suppliers and representatives of the Turkish water associations provided the participants with exciting information on the water industry.
The event ended with a joint gala dinner at the hotel before all the participants set off on their individual return journey home on Friday morning.