The settings are crucial

After the basic functions of our SynCo container conveyors were outlined in the last article, it’s time to go into a bit more detail.

Throughout the economy, efficiency is the primary imperative, and bottling lines are no exception. As already mentioned, container conveyors are tasked, for example, with smoothing over minor standstills at individual machines, so as to maximise efficiency levels. To ensure that the SynCo can handle this job properly, it’s essential that it does not cause any line standstills itself. But how can this be assured?

Besides abundant experience in the fundamental conception of the lines, which our experts indubitably possess, the use of field-proven, mature technology is essential. The paramount consideration, however, is customised adjustment of the line to suit the product concerned. Particularly when clients want to fill different containers, e.g. a 0.5-l and a 1.5-l bottle, on the same line. In this case, care must be taken to ensure that the perfect settings (once they have been found) can be repeated for all future change-over procedures.

This is where the rail adjustment feature on our container conveyors comes into play: it enables the spacing of the rails in the single-lane areas to be adjusted down to the last millimetre for a reassuringly dependable process.

In the past, operators had to open a large number of wingnuts, re-align the rails, lock them in place again, and then do some elaborate re-adjusting. (When up to 200 metres of single-lane conveyors are involved, this can prove to be pretty laborious.) Today, they can be matched to the new bottle format very easily in next to no time with the aid of a wrench or optionally with motorised support.

This guarantees that all our clients’ products are always securely guided and that fallen or jammed bottles don’t cause any problems in the line. And, as a welcome side-effect, the operators can now complete the change-over routine in just a few short minutes, a huge improvement, and can devote themselves to more exciting tasks.

It’s particularly worthwhile for our clients to invest in a rail adjustment capability when a large number of different containers are to be handled, the change-over areas in the bottling hall are difficult for the staff to access, or when the change-over times need to be minimised.

This last aspect is especially crucial for our LineXpress clients. The motorised rail adjustment feature is accordingly a constituent part of LineXpress L as well, and helps our clients to ensure smooth change-overs in their lines.