The sector meets up …

… at the drinktec. It’s the communication platform for the international beverage industry. Around 1,500 exhibitors from over 70 different countries and approximately 60,000 visitors from more than 170 nations are expected in Munich from 16 to 20 September.

Manufacturers from all over the world will have an ideal meeting point here to strengthen old relationships and establish new ones, to discuss market opportunities, and to spotlight the very latest technologies themed around production, filling and packaging excellence. And of these there will be more than enough on show. Because the long-term growth prospects for the vendors of filling and packaging technologies in the food and beverage industries are looking rather auspicious.

But nowadays, the lines and their performance aren’t all that counts: additional aspects have meanwhile gained in perceived importance. What resources are being consumed? Under what conditions are the machines and lines being manufactured? For Krones, sustainability has been embraced as a corporate imperative, enabling us to offer our machines, our lines and our services under framework conditions of long-term ethical viability. We shall be continually optimising our machines, and reducing still further their consumption of media and energy.

The food and beverage industries, in particular, have made sustainability an integral part of their brands, in the knowledge that more and more consumers nowadays are deciding for or against a particular brand on the basis of ecological and social criteria as well. Krones is well aware of this fact, and has accordingly taken the issue of sustainability on board in the shape of its enviro programme. With enviro, the economic, ecological and social commitment that Krones incorporates in developing its machinery and technologies is rendered visibly tangible, enabling the users of Krones’ kit to take a clear and principled stance.

In future, we shall be progressing an even deeper corporate commitment to making more productive and at the same time more resource-economical machines and lines, to putting in place even leaner and more efficient processes, and to making more out of less  – qualitative growth, in short. We know that capital investments have to pay off. Which is why we offer solutions of sustainable efficacy, designed to save energy, cut costs and progress resource-economy. Solutions that render your production processes rigorously cost-efficient and responsively versatile. Thus we create “added value” for our clients. Securing value for a strong future. Creating value with powerful solutions.  Respecting values in effective dialogue.