The Production Manager lays down an impressive marker

Ernst Schmid is the day’s winner: in the game of skill organised by the LCS team at the drinktec, the Production Manager of Wegenstein GmbH showed what he can do. The task is to see how fast you can assemble a centring head for labellers. Ernst Schmid accomplished this in just 1:47 minutes, which is now of course, the new benchmark for the 18 staff at the production facility in Wiener Neudorf, Austria.

Gewinnspiel LCS“We’re wine bottlers and fill 20 million bottles a year. We have around 110 different articles, and about 50 per cent of our production output goes to Germany’s Rewe chain of supermarkets as house brands.” A thirty-year-old Prontomatic labeller bears witness to the long-standing relationship with Krones AG. “We do only the bare minimum of what’s necessary, but the machine is quite simply indomitable. For three years now, we’ve also had a modularised machine with two cold-glue stations and three Autocol stations, for an output of 16,000 bottles an hour. I like being a Krones client”, says Ernst Schmid.

In the next few days, too, this entertaining competition will be providing plenty of LCS customers with an opportunity to demonstrate their dexterity.