The pivotal hub: Trainee at Fair 2015

We, Maria and Veronika of the Team HR, recently paid a visit to the two trade fair organisers Sandra Schindlbeck and Ines Stumm. The two of them have been in the trade fair team for more than 15 years and are absolute professionals in their chosen field. It also takes a lot of experience to organise the approximately 40 events involved each year.

The specific preparations for the BrauBeviale began back in May, with registration for the stand. Together with the sales and engineering people, the exhibits are selected, and in mid-September the first draft design from the stand construction firm then arrives. All these threads come together with Ines and Sandra.

For erecting the stand, with its 1,180 m² of exhibition area, one week before the fair begins a total of 30 people set off for Nuremberg. At the fair itself, only “Kronese” are then deployed, about 300 of them this year. They include staff from Sales (as contact persons for the visitors), and Product Specialists.

Although the BrauBeviale is perceived as more of a regional trade fair, primarily aimed at mid-tier companies, its visitors meanwhile come from all over Europe, so that plenty of polyglots (Sprachengenies) are needed to look after the clients. For us as mediators, this is an ideal opportunity to hone our customer interfacing skills.