The new Kosme KSB R generation: sustainable performance-driven stretch blow-moulding for the low output range

Visitors to Krones’ stand at the BrauBeviale will for the first time be seeing the KSB 6R, the latest generation of Kosme’s stretch blow-moulder. The rotary machine is a true all-rounder: it can produce containers with round, oval, square or rectangular bottles shapes, in sizes ranging from 0.1 to 3.0 litres, which are suitable for both still water and CSDs. It is available either as a stand-alone machine or block-synchronised with a filler and a labeller.

The new generation of KSB rotary machines can be fitted with four, six and seven stations (KSB 4R to KSB 7R). Already field-proven, this series has meanwhile been design-enhanced, now that Kosme has integrated the very latest technical solutions:

the stretch blow-moulding machines of this generation feature even better assemblies, which score particularly well with their very high station outputs. The blow-moulding stations are fitted with an integrated mould quick-change system, plus an ultra-flexible electro-magnetic stretching system that consumes no compressed air at all. Compared with their predecessors, these stretch blow-moulding machines downsize compressed-air consumption by a total of 35 per cent. This is primarily due to the optimised Air Wizard Plus compressed-air recovery system and the further reduction in dead-space volume, which maximise compressed-air savings in every cycle.

The infrared linear oven also scores highly in terms of energy-efficiency, since the flexible heating zone adjustment feature, together with a small heating compartment providing individualised adjustment options, ensures that the energy consumption could be reduced by up to 15 per cent.

Of course, Kosme’s stretch blow-moulding machines also focus strongly on ergonomics. They feature intuitive operator control, their individual components are easy to clean, and quickly replaced. Thanks to this hygienic, user-friendly construction, the production staff always achieve maximised efficiency in their daily work.


The infrared linear oven in the new generation of KSB XR stretch blow-moulding machines also scores highly in terms of energy-efficiency.