The latest state of the art: the Ergomatic Classic labelling station

Innovative, field-proven technology in the shape of the new generation – this is precisely the combination provided by the modularised system for labellers at Krones. The concept is a simple one: a standardised basic machine available in several different sizes is combined with labelling stations that can either be replaced using docking systems or are permanently installed. This latter category includes the Ergomatic Pro cold-glue labeller .

Its Ergomatic Classic labelling station scores particularly well in terms of maximised user-friendliness: the withdrawable station adjustment feature ensures optimum accessibility, the swivelling touch-screen is mounted near the station itself, which significantly facilitates operation and handling.

At the same time the station is a sturdy system, featuring the very latest state of the art. The drive and the control system consist of components from the current range, while the protection concept conforms to the very latest safety guidelines. In order to keep appropriate options available for the future, the station can also be upgraded with weight-reduced or laterally removable handling parts.

The Krones Ergomatic Pro scores highly in terms of sustainability as well. Significantly downsized noise emissions, servo-drives of Efficiency Class IE4, fewer lubrication points, and the use of top-quality lubricants ensure that this labeller meets the enviro criteria for energy/media-efficient, eco-compatible systems and components.

The Krones Ergomatic Pro with a fixed Ergomatic Classic cold-glue station