The Krones Sales Regions are looking forward to drinktec 2013: CHINA

China is the world’s third-largest beverage market, behind North and South America. The Chinese love beer. There’s no other packaged beverage they drink more of. The highest growth rates, though, are for water, the Middle Kingdom’s second-most-popular thirst-quencher. Consumption of packaged water is predicted to rise by an annual average of around 9 % up to 2017. (Source: Euromonitor)

We talk to Jianxin Feng, Senior Vice President Sales China, about the drinktec and its importance for China as a region and our clients there.

Ms Feng, the drinktec is fast approaching. How important is it for the clients, particularly in your own region?

At the drinktec – one of the most important international trade fairs for the Chinese clients – visitors have high expectations of the new technologies and concepts designed for the liquid-food and beverage industries. And they’re very interested in seeing what Krones will be exhibiting. The fair also offers clients a platform for comparing vendors, communicating with other clients, and checking the potentials available on the European market.

What does the beverage market look like in your region? What Krones themes are of particular interest for your clients?

The Chinese beverage market has for years now been one of the most important markets for Krones worldwide. Despite the effects of decelerating economic growth, China’s beverage market has huge potential. By the end of 2012, 11,355 Krones machines had been delivered to China. Chinese clients are interested in eco-friendly, energy-economical line concepts, high-speed lines, aseptic lines, turnkey projects and lightweighting. Another area that interests Chinese clients is simple, user-friendly operator control.

What do you personally expect from the drinktec? Is it still the industry’s most important sectoral meet-up?

Personally, I’m looking forward to welcoming our Chinese clients and having an opportunity to present our latest technologies, while at the same time strengthening our relationships with existing clients on a mutually supportive basis. I wish all Chinese clients a wonderful time at the drinktec. And every success for Krones, of course!