The journey begins

Every year, more than 6,500 containers leave the facility in Neutraubling. And if you add in Krones’ other facilities as well, then it’s even more than 9,200 containers that travel each year to our clients all around the globe.

And what’s inside these containers? A whole lot of stainless steel. Krones uses an incredible 14,800 tons of steel each year. By way of comparison: this unbelievable amount of raw material corresponds to two Eiffel Towers. And it’s complemented by quite a few tons of plastic and aluminium.

Our colleagues in the Logistics Centre then make sure that the finished machines are transported to our clients safely, swiftly and cost-efficiently, using trucks, ships, aircraft and trains. Since neither ships nor aircraft can dock at our plant directly, we frequently employ combinations of different transportation options. Transportation by train and ship, for example, is a classic mixture. In order to bypass the road network, which is anyway overburdened, Krones Neutraubling has since the beginning of 2016 possessed its own railway station on the premises for loading its consignments. From there, a train takes Krones’ solutions to the port, where they are loaded on the appropriate ship.

Our camera was on the spot to film a filler leaving the plant in Neutraubling on its way to Harrogate in England: