The indispensable good

There’s water, and then again there’s water. I think we all realise that a glass of water from the mains in the nations of the south is not quite as safe as what comes out of our taps at home. And the differences exhibited by swimming-pool and seawater will presumably be familiar to anyone who’s accidentally swallowed some while splashing around. Did you notice anything? You probably did, since the difference is immense. This is why the statutory requirements for drinking water are so strict. It’s no accident that of all the foods and beverages in Germany drinking water is the most stringently monitored.

But what exactly is water? Water, also known as a chemical compound called H2O, is a colourless, odourless liquid that’s indispensable for life on Earth. Water is seldom pure, of course, but mostly contains dissolved salts or gases.

And it’s precisely here, where the theory stops, that the challenge begins which some start-ups accepted in Neutraubling on 29 and 30 November. At the WaterVent symposium (a contraction of “water” and “venture”) – a forum for bringing together entrepreneurs and investors – young entrepreneurs presented their ideas on water technology. And we, KRONES AG in conjunction with HUBER SE, were this year’s hosts.

On these two days, the event offered its participants an extensive programme, including a guided tour through Krones’ plant, a visit to the brewery in Abensburg, an award ceremony and a typical Bavarian evening. The thematic focus throughout was on water. Martin Spitznagel, Dust BioSolutions GmbH, and David Din, Bluetector, were particularly impressive as the best presenters with solutions for water’s future. Dust BioSolutions focuses on a bacterial solution for transforming sand into stone in an eco-friendly, affordable process. Bluetector, by contrast, offers an affordable solution for biologically purifying liquid manure and fermentation residues, while at the same time preserving the valuable nutrients.

To make sure our water continues to have a future, it’s important that the right minds keep getting together in expert seminars, like WaterVent. After all, water is indispensable for us. So let’s toast its virtues with a glass of nice cool water … out of the tap, of course!