The highest level of safety

Possessing detailed knowledge of our clients’ needs and requirements is an advantage that must never be underestimated – I personally am still benefiting from the experience I was able to gain while working as a product specialist for aseptics, with responsibility for the Asia-Pacific region and China.

I can now put this knowledgeable empathy with the customers and the markets to good use in my daily work, thus endeavouring to create added value for our customers.


It’s in aseptic filling operations, in particular, that mutual trust plays a major role: you have to be able to recommend our machines with a clear conscience. Take milk, for example, an extremely demanding product, one that even allows the growth of pathogenic germs when you’re not careful, with concomitantly serious consequences for the consumer. Some types of tea exhibit similar behaviour, so milk and tea rank among the harder-to-please beverages in terms of microbiology.

So when we from the Filling Technology Division are asked to design lines for filling milk or tea, for example, we prioritise product safety above all else. Which means that by employing the requisite technology, we are giving the product concerned truly full-coverage protection. To put it another way, our technology is making a crucial contribution towards assuring that milk, for instance, arrives in consumers’ glasses in impeccable condition.

One good example of this is the Krones Contiform AseptBloc – a system that sterilises the preform (which is subsequently blow-moulded into a bottle) before that bottle is aseptically filled with milk. This system scores highly in terms of stringent levels of microbiological safety implemented throughout the entire process, since even the stretch blow-moulding function is performed under aseptic conditions. We’re talking very advanced technology here, which is more or less unique on the market, because, you see, a whole lot of can-do expertise is required in order to design a dependably sterile stretch blow-moulding machine. And this is the only way to assure microbiological safety throughout all the process steps involved.

We have been offering this technology with great success since 2013, and the feedback we’re getting from the market is extremely gratifying, which does of course boost our motivation enormously.

The quality of the end-product and protection of the consumer are the paramount focuses in all our work – while Krones machines simultaneously provide our customers with an added value, enabling a beverage filling company to hold its own in a fiercely contested market.

Needless to say that we keep on trying to make things as easy as possible for the client and to continuously improve product quality – something that in my opinion is important not only in a professional context but in a personal one, too: I like foods and beverages, I like top-quality stuff on my plate (and in my glass) that’s been produced with both the requisite expertise and passion.