The green thread: Trainee at Fair 2015

Green polo- shirts – everywhere you looked. At least that’s how it felt.

Because even before the Brau opened its doors, this year’s participants were already asking: “Trainee at Fair, is that the thing with the green shirts?” “Will we then be getting polo-shirts like last year’s trainees?” And the 64,000-dollar question: “Will it really be the same colour again?” – admittedly, the final question, in particular, was not without a sceptical undertone. “Yellow acid”, (that’s the colour’s official name) would not appear to be universally popular.

Last year’s polo-shirts would also seem to have left a lasting impression on the mentors, who get to know the 4 teams in their initial meetings. Consequently, one of the questions requiring elucidation was this: “So are you going to get shirts like the one the trainees wore at the fair in 2014?“ This time (at last!) with an approving comment: “That’s brilliant, you can find each other straight away in the crowds.”

They’ve got a point there, as the trainees then found out for themselves at the exhibition centre in Nuremberg in the second week of November. You repeatedly saw flashes of the young Kronese among the bustling crowds in Hall 7A. Like a sort of green thread extending through the fair’s turmoil and tumult. It’s something you notice in This Year’s Fair Review : the trainees were fully involved, before, during and after the fair. At the information desk, you saw flashes of green, around the BevKeg and in the Fair Office as well. Even on the autobahn, one of the polo-shirts was sighted, and in front of the Photo-Station they were positively teeming at times. Each of the eight trainees and interns had his/her own remit and they were all were able to contribute wherever their personal talents and what they’d learned in their training were needed.

After the three days of the fair, for half the trainees it was back to the normal workday routine. The LCS and Technology Teams stayed in Nuremberg for another few days; after all, the journey was not yet over for the exhibits involved. After everything had been packed, loaded and dispatched, it was time to head off home for the last four as well.

Verdict? Those were some strenuous days at the BrauBeviale. But there were lots of interesting moments and new experiences too. And the T-shirts? Unbeatable as an aid to identification, but as a fashion statement they’re not yet conquering the catwalks precisely … But don’t worry, we’re working on it.

P.S.: What, you see that as yellow and not green? Just goes to show how versatile our trainees are;-)

(Video in German)