The Contiform AseptBloc – a success story

A few weeks go, we unveiled our new hashtag campaign #GermanBlingBling, which is running on a cross-medial basis both online and to supplement our ads. But what exactly are we advertising here? Well, one thing would be the Contiform AseptBloc, or CAB for short. And that’s precisely what I want to tell you more about now.

The Contiform AseptBloc features an aseptic stretch blow-moulding machine that we premiered at the 2013 Drinktec 2013. The system is an attractive choice for handling all products that have to be bottled under aseptic conditions – including teas, dairy products, and other highly sensitive products.

The Contiform AseptBloc has some crucial distinguishing characteristics. One example is its entirely germ-free handling capability. The preform is sterilised shortly before it is blow-moulded to create a finished bottle, and from then on is passed to the sterile zone. This means that stretch blow-moulding is being performed under completely aseptic conditions.

Besides the high level of product safety assured by microbiologically optimised processes, what our clients also appreciate about the Contiform AseptBloc is the running costs. When creating the initial concept for the CAB, Krones paid particular attention to media economy in terms of water, compressed air and hydrogen peroxide. The volume of preforms to be sterilised is substantially smaller than the volume of bottles would be. What’s more, thanks to the Contiform AseptBloc technology, lightweight bottles can be handled, because the stress acting on the bottles is extremely small. Short change-over times, in addition, help our clients to run a maximally efficient production operation. And all this on a minimised footprint. Because for installing the block only a very small amount of space is needed.

Reason enough to be gratified? Absolutely, we concur! But there’s even more we can justifiably be pleased about.

The Contiform AseptBlocs we have sold have all been validated in the field. Not only was the equipment checked that supplies the CABs, but the microbiological performance of Contiform AseptBlocs was scrutinised as well. For complete validation, finally, tests were run under production conditions, and passed successfully. Once delivered, the CABs thus stand ready to bottle the sensitive products of satisfied clients.

That’s what I call a success story.


If you want to know more about the Contiform AseptBloc, you will find further information here.