The CombiCube family is now complete

Following the successful market rollout of the CombiCube B brewhouse and the CombiCube F filter cellar, Krones has introduced the modular CombiCube C cellar system.

We had a discussion with Henning Feyerabend, Technology Sales Manager Krones Beer & Spirits Process, about the CombiCube family.


Henning Feyerabend, VT PRO I Processing und VentiltechnikThe positive reaction in the craft brewer industry to the CombiCube family creates the impression that Krones has found a totally new target group.

That is indeed the case. However looking beyond craft brewers, small and mid-tier breweries in general have also not been able to fully exploit Steinecker’s innovative product range up to this point. The portfolio did not include standardised, pre-engineered systems, and the advantages of the good price-performance ratio were not available to companies in this segment. The Krones CombiCube product family scales down the high-performance systems to meet the needs of mid-tier breweries. On the inside, CombiCube systems contain top-grade, state-of-the art components engineered at Steinecker. However the external features, especially the physical size and price, meet the specific needs of small and mid-tier breweries.

What makes CombiCube so attractive from the economic standpoint?

The compact design and options for modular expansion of the tanks are highly attractive features. The economic advantages are reflected in the up-front investment and ongoing operating costs. Pre-installed piping and frame mounting reduce installation and commissioning time at the brewery, and the system has a small footprint which saves space.

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The CombiCube family targets a market segment in which many small suppliers are active. How can Krones compete in this environment?

Krones offers a complete, sustainable product range which is backed up by the company’s extensive experience base. These are factors which are highly important to customers. Besides the technological advantages which customers can rely on to ensure constant product safety and maximum production efficiency, the full range of services and consultancy provided by a company which has installed more than 100 breweries worldwide generate additional value-added. Because Krones has a global footprint, we can react quickly to customer preferences and needs, and that is a key factor in a long-term business partnership.