The 100th ErgoBloc L from Krones

We have a reason to celebrate – the 100th ErgoBloc L from Krones is passed to a client!

We want to explain what makes this machine so very special:

The ErgoBloc L produces, labels and fills PET containers – all in a single machine! Because the entire wet end is grouped together in a single machine, the beverage bottling line is very compact. The requisite footprint is reduced up to 30 per cent compared to a conventional block. Besides that clients can change over to a different product within a minimised timeframe, thanks tot he Contiform 3’s mould quick-change system. And containers are filled as well as labelled without any problems, supervised by only a single operator.

The output ranges between 27,000 and 82,000 containers an hour, depending on the bottle size and the product involved. ErgoBloc L layouts are meanwhile the predominant choice for still water (in up to 60 per cent of cases), and are being used for carbonated waters and soft drinks in around 40 per cent of cases. The systems are up and running all over the world, chiefly in the Asia/Pacific region and in the USA. But ErgoBloc L systems are likewise much in demand in Italy, Spain, Poland, in the Arab Emirates, in Lebanon and in Mexico, Ecuador, Russia, and also in Germany and Africa.


The South Korean client FINE Bio can to use the 100th ErgoBloc L manufactured by Krones as from early 2016 at its facility in Jirisan National Park, where it will then possess the most modern and compactly dimensioned bottling concept for CSDs and still water.

This Krones concept obviously appeals to the customer. And hopefully we can celebrate the next 100 real soon.