Talking to Volker Kronseder: Trainee at Fair 2015

An opportunity to sit down with the Executive Board Chairman and ask him questions doesn’t come around every day. So our this year’s “Trainees at the Fair” teams were delighted at a chance to talk with Volker Kronseder, the Executive Board Chairman of Krones AG. And of course, the principal theme was the current Number One topic: the BrauBeviale in Nuremberg.

As Chairman of the Executive Board, Volker Kronseder is determined to attend the fair. The goal for this year? Here it is: “As every year, we want Krones to showcase its status as the world’s premier provider of solutions for the beverage industry”.

In contrast to an event like the drinktec, the BrauBeviale is more of a “communication fair”, so for Volker Kronseder, too, dialogue is a definite priority. Lasting only three days, it’s a relatively short event, but the organisers are anticipating crowds of visitors, up to 45,000 of them. Lots of the guests come directly to the stand, and take the opportunity to bring themselves up to optimum speed on Krones’ products and service capabilities.

Volker Kronseder is particularly gratified to note that his favourite machine, the Ergomodul, will be one of the exhibits at the Brau. What he likes best about it is its lightweight construction and modularised design; he enthusiastically describes its enhanced operator-friendliness, its reduced footprint, and its energy-economy.

The Executive Board Chairman himself will be trying to conduct as many conversations as possible, both with old acquaintances and with new clients. This is “stressful but nonetheless enjoyable,” he related.

Quite generally, visits to trade fairs are something he likes to see in his diary, because they’re always stimulating and eventful. Among his favourite memories is the Leipzig Autumn Fair back in 1989. While he was talking to the trainees, Volker Kronseder got really enthusiastic as he reminisces about the fair in this historically momentous year. Complete line systems were then being bought directly at the fair in an endeavour to become competitive even before reunification. “People were buying like there was no tomorrow! It was great,” said a beaming Volker Kronseder. “Nowadays, of course, there isn’t quite the same spontaneity. Meanwhile, there has to be a lot more planning and preliminary work.”

At the BrauBeviale this year, there will be a major focus on the new trend from the USA, craft brewing. The trainees wanted to know what Volker Kronseder thinks about this hype. And he’s more than enthusiastic. “The craft beer trend is a blessing for the brewing industry”, he opined. He also finds the people involved in craft beer particularly interesting. “It’s not unusual, for example, to find a young guy with a Mohawk haircut talking shop about the art of brewing.” Experiencing this sort of thing at a traditional-type fair like the BrauBeviale makes it all the more refreshing and exciting, of course.

So we’re looking forward to an interesting, multifaceted and successful BrauBeviale; we can’t wait to find out what’s in store for us!