Syskron creates social network for production lines

It’s common knowledge by now that Krones has committed itself to the digital transformation of the beverage industry – not least since the group’s Syskron subsidiary arrived on the scene. The systems and consultancy firm was founded with a clearly defined remit: it was tasked with offering a young, agile home to the important future-shaping issue of digitisation, one in which innovative ideas can flourish and mature into marketable solutions.

This plan is already bearing fruit, as can be verified at the BrauBeviale 2016: Syskron GmbH will be reinforcing the Krones team in Hall 7A with its accumulated IT expertise – and answering all questions regarding digitisation, plus Industry 4.0 in general and the individual solutions in particular.

Share2Act provides an up-to-the-minute look at Syskron’s development workshop. The mobile app is the first to incorporate the functionality and thus the advantages of contemporary social media communication in the everyday production operations of beverage plants: “You can imagine the app as a kind of social network for interaction between humans and machines,” explains Syskron Product Manager Thomas Hässler, “with each machine being given its own profile page, which the users can fill with a huge range of different information and media.”

The app differs from conventional Wiki systems not only in terms of its fresh, intuitive design, but above all with its focus on networked real-time communication. “In modern-day production plants, humans and machines constitute a harmonised team,” explains Thomas Hässler. “With the aid of Share2Act, the individual members of this team can now cooperate with each other in an entirely different manner and thus in turn render their working procedures more efficient.” The Syskron Product Manager declined to provide any further details before the fair. Because how far Share2Act takes cross-shift, cross-hierarchical and cross-facility knowledge transfer to a whole new level is something that’s best experienced by trying it out yourself – after all, a click often says more than a thousand words. So at the BrauBeviale visitors were able to use a variety of terminals to playfully explore the multifarious options the app provides.