SyPro S – modular sugar processing unit

The redesigned sugar dissolving and pasteurisation unit is a further enhancement to the expanding Krones syrup room portfolio. The plug-and-play system mounted on a single frame carries out a key initial step in the production of all types of soft drinks.

Dr. Roland Feilner, Product Manager Process Technology, talks about the new unit and the advantages of the Krones system.

201309_drinktec_EXP0201_0006Dr. Feilner, what does the sugar processing unit consist of?

It primarily consists of a tank for the dissolving water together with water preheating, an internal dissolving circulation system with separator sieves and syrup flow under Brix control to the next step in the process sequence, for example the pasteuriser.

What are the advantages?

Due to the modular design, customers can expand the unit to suit their individual needs. The frame-mounted system is essentially plug-and-play, keeping installation and commissioning times to a minimum. The unit-based design enables users to quickly make modifications needed to accommodate additions to the product portfolio or changes to the blending process.

What makes Krones sugar processing so special?

An effective, low-energy process for dissolving granulated sugar is the core feature of any sugar processing system, so we placed particular emphasis on this aspect during the design phase. We have developed an inlet nozzle which is ideally matched to the size of the dissolving tank. Thorough, high-turbulence mixing takes place at all fill levels. The sugar dissolves very quickly at minimal temperatures.


What has been the market response to SyPro S?  What do customers think of it?

Akij Food & Beverage LTD. (AFBL) which has its head office in Bangladesh has decided to install two sugar processing modules. AFBL, a subsidiary of the world-wide Akij Group, produces carbonated soft drinks, drinking water, fruit juice and milk. Immediately following drinktec, the dissolving unit and pasteuriser will go into operation at AFBL. As an integral part of the overall Krones process design, they will be incorporated into the production flow for high-quality beverages.