“Sorry, this page is no longer available” – Goodbye, Krones blog!

Excuse me, say that again?! Yes, this year we will have to say “Goodbye” to our much-cherished Krones blog. But don’t be sad because you surely know: Closing one door opens a new one. What new door? I’ll tell you more about that later. First, though, we’d like to bid our blog a fitting farewell because I think not only the blog as such has deserved it, but above all you, our faithful readers.

Before I lose myself in a rather sentimental farewell speech, however, I’d rather present you with some hard facts from eight years of blog history: 1,886 articles were published, a total of 108 authors were working hard writing one blog after the next, and approximately 450,000 people read our articles. When we launched the blog in 2013, our aim was to informally tell authentic and unadorned stories about and related to our company, and we have to this day remained true to this principle – thanks not least to the blog’s editorial team, which has since 2015 comprised mainly my colleague Maria Seywald and a number of assiduous interns and student trainees. In a spirit of good cooperation, our authors and the blog’s editors put their best efforts and commitment, their heart and soul into fine-tuning the articles reporting on technological innovations, trade fairs and events, customer visits, employees and much, much more. The result: a multi-facetted, exciting channel that even won an award at one time or another, something we’re rather proud of.

And now what next? The time has come for something new. After all: When it can’t get any better, you should stop. At this point I can tell you that much: Genuine insiders, and that means all of you, will again notice our players’ heart and soul, their passion and commitment and – most importantly – the same authenticity in our new project. That is why this article is not really a farewell but only (quite literally) a “See you soon”!

Where? Starting on 20th July 2021, you will find our new central platform with all the stories to do with Krones at magazine.krones.com: Stories starring our employees, reports from the field, trade fair impressions – the readers of our blog and of the printed Krones magazine (which was transferred to the digital world in May this year) know what to expect. We will continue to make full use of the advantages offered by an online platform: A steady stream of new stories, multi-facetted articles written by colleagues from across the company, nicely complemented by matching photos and videos. We are looking forward to this new chapter in the history of corporate communications!

And here comes the sentimental bit after all – but only because I really mean it: Thank you, thank you very much! My sincere thanks go to all blog readers, blog authors and blog fans – without you, an interactive channel like this wouldn’t have been half as successful!