SitePilot Line Diagnostics – a continually design-enhanced system

The diagnostics for your line

The more complex a line, the more important it is to use a dependable production data acquisition and analysis system. It must be possible to unambiguously assign even brief malfunctions, known as “microstops”, to the machine causing them, and evaluate them appropriately. If you don’t acquire data at all, or only by hand, you’ll be missing out on important key figures for your production operation. Our SitePilot Line Diagnostics production data acquisition and analysis system renders weak points and bottlenecks in the line visible at a glance, enabling them to be effectively optimised, meaning you can reduce downtimes and operate your line cost-efficiently with maximised capacity utilisation.

Relevant production data always available

The following data are centrally acquired and edited by the system:

  • Process data (temperatures, pressures, quantities, velocities, etc.)
  • Production data (meters, orders, operating times, downtimes, etc.)
  • Malfunction data (malfunction messages, warnings, instructions)
  • Consumption data (raw materials and supplies)
  • Energy and media data (power, water, steam, etc.)
  • KPIs (OEE, MTTR, MTBF, efficiency, rejects rate, etc.)

A state-of-the-art software solution

Since the first version of Line Diagnostics, the system has been continually design-enhanced and supplemented by new modules. The following modules were included right from the start:


Information Board

  • Provides a glanceable, simple overview of the line as a dashboard
  • Observes and monitors the line’s live processes
  • Complex causal connections are restricted to the most important key figures by means of machine- and line-referenced widgets
  • Highlights important information by colour-coding

Analysis Board

  • Provides detailed data analyses
  • Causes and reasons for the current situation can be derived
  • Different process and status data are graphically compared
  • Supplies information on downtimes and the causes involved


  • Provides extensive reports based on defined analytical paths
  • Makes possible a standardised and comparable evaluation of production situations over defined time periods
  • Reports are web-based, and can be retrieved at any terminal within the production or company network


Downtime Management

  • Provides selective downtime and efficiency analyses based on the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness)
  • Undetected causes of downtimes can be classified either directly or retrospectively by hand
  • Bottlenecks in production are identified and flagged
  • The most important key figures can be accessed with just a few mouse-clicks
  • Customised OEE models can be factored in

Line Monitor

  • Real-time monitor with status information on the machines
  • Events occurring can be localised
  • Provides a graphical overview for simple comprehension of causal connections
  • Provides cross-line display of machine statuses and key figures
  • For aseptic machines and lines, animated flow charts are available, which image all relevant media circuits with the associated final control elements, like pumps, sensors and valves, plus analog values

Motivational Display

  • Real-time status, key figures and trends are displayed on large screens
  • Supplies information and transparency based on simple overviews and aggregated key figures
  • Offers a user-configurable, changing display for comprehensive information
  • Provides an option for retrieving the client’s HTML5 pages

A continually design-enhanced system

During the course of continual design enhancement, Line Diagnostics has been expanded to include additional modules, with concomitant added value for the client:


Failure Analysis Board

The Failure Analysis Board enables clients to perform selective weak-point analysis of a line’s machines. With the edited information, each machine in the line can be analysed for malfunction-susceptibility and availability. The analysis can be based on user-selectable time periods, so that specific situations in the line’s operation can be selectively viewed. For the analyses, various key figures are available, on the basis of which starting points for ensuring a higher availability of the machine can be derived. High and low-performers can be very quickly identified by colour-coding of the key figures displayed. Various dashboards are available for purposes of evaluation.

Order Management

The Order Management Module provides easy order management and order-referenced display of information and key figures for evaluating production performance on the basis of a line’s reference machine. All information and key figures are imaged on the basis of production orders manually created and started at the reference machine. For creating, managing, executing and observing the orders, user-friendly web-based interfaces are provided. For retrospective calculation of raw materials and supplies consumed, parts lists can be kept for the individual articles involved. Consumption figures are calculated automatically upon completion of the order. For the evaluation of ongoing and already-completed orders an order report with all relevant key figures is available.

Updates and upgrades possible at any time

Line Diagnostics is being continually design-enhanced, so that we can always offer you an up-to-date, optimal solution for long-term efficacy.

If you want regular updates or upgrades, the system can be coupled to a maintenance and support agreement, ensuring that your software is always automatically state-of-the-art. If necessary, you can get in touch with our knowledgeable experts at Customer Service, who will also provide remote support over a hotline. Round the clock as well, if you want.