Simple, flexible, dependable operator control

With the new Connected HMI platform, Krones is setting new benchmarks in terms of technology, usability and harmonised consistency: the interface between man and machine, abbreviated to HMI (Human-Machine Interface), ensures that both sides can communicate within fractions of a second without any problems. For the operator, it is the central access point for the line, and is gaining steadily in perceived importance, particularly in the context of accelerating automation and digitalisation. Connected HMI is not an off-the-peg product, as evidenced most strikingly by its hygienic design, its exceptionally user-friendly operator control concept, and a coherently state-of-the art user interface. Open, standardised data interfaces ensure maximised networking of the systems concerned, and simultaneously a high standard of IT security.

At the drinktec Thomas Stauber presents new newly designed interface.