Sharing a meal with Andi Schmidt

Pink-roast breast of duck, glazed knuckle of veal, king prawns flambéed in Pernod. Gourmets more than get their money’s worth in Hall 6 of the drinktec. The Prinzipal company from Rosenheim is responsible for the catering. We talked to its Managing Director Andi Schmidt, who serves us a delicious three-course meal full of information.

20130918_drinktec_IP_PR_0004An enchanting waitress brings a marrow foam soup to the table.

Enjoy your meal, Andi. The starter looks wonderful. After all, it’s designed to whet your appetite as a prelude. So what was the prelude for your fair team? When did the drinktec actually begin for you?

Well, it was two weeks before the fair when the first staff arrived at the Krones hall. During the days leading up to the fair, they were busy transforming the hall section concerned into a beer tent. We were keen to ensure that our guests enjoyed a real Oktoberfest feeling. The feedback is telling us we’ve managed that rather well.

20130918_drinktec_IP_PR_0038You brought along the entire kitchen, didn’t you? Isn’t that a terribly complicated logistical nightmare?

You’re right, it required careful planning and a whole lot of know-how. Which is why we start planning this kind of event a good year in advance. We aim to treat Krones’ guests to a perfect dinner. And this, of course, includes cooking the food fresh every day, and doing without the prepackaged stuff.

A no less delightful waitress serves the second course: Original Bavarian venison goulash

Oh, game. That fits in perfectly with the time of year, and the Bavarian ambience. How important is the regional connection on your menu?

Very important! We opt for regional suppliers. We get our meat, for instance, from a butcher in Rosenheim.

20130918_drinktec_IP_PR_0002A waitress hurrying past gives us a beaming smile.

The service is fantastic. How many people are actually working here at the drinktec?

In all, we have 140 people on duty. In the kitchen, we have 42 cooks (some of them from award-wining restaurants) and their assistants. 80 people are engaged in making sure that our guests get their food quickly. The rest are serving drinks at the bar or filling up the fridges and the cutlery boxes.

Time for dessert. A Crêpe Suzette served by a charming waitress provides a perfect finish to the meal.

Your service is really very attentive. Do you actually know how many kilometres a waitress walks on a typical working day?

Good question, to which I don’t know the answer. But one thing is certain: when you listen to the girls in the evening, it sounds as it felt like running a marathon.

Thank you. The bill please!

How about some figures instead?

  • We start everyday at a.m.
  • The last shift ends towards 1 o’clock in the morning
  • At the  drinktec, we served up to 3,000 meals a day
  • At the evening events, there were dinners for 800 people
  • 25,000 litres of beer were tapped
  • 10,000 snacks ended up on the tables