Service on the spot: Trainee at Fair 2015

In preparation for the BrauBeviale, we, the “Team LCS” , met with our mentor Veronika Furtmayr. She explained to us what precisely the LCS is, and the various capabilities it provides.

At Krones, the LCS, or Lifecycle Service, handles the entire gamut of customer care following the installation of new machines – worldwide! Its remit ranges from general support, plus repair jobs, modifications and maintenance work, all the way through to operator and management training, to name only a few of the LCS’s capabilities.

There are LCS Centers located all over the world, all of them able to offer comprehensive service support – the facilities are globally distributed, e.g. in Bangkok and Johannesburg. These LCS Centers enable barriers like language, culture and long travel distances to be avoided wherever possible, since the clients can be supported directly on the spot.

At the Brau Beviale, too, the Lifecycle Service will be playing a major role. Ms Furtmayr explained to us that the Lifecycle Service has undergone a change. With a new logo and its own slogan, “Partner for Performance”, the LCS will be appearing there with a new face.

As the “Team LCS”, we trainees will be predominantly employed in erecting and dismantling the stand at the fair. We’re looking forward to plenty of new experiences, and an exciting BrauBeviale!