Ready for Bavaria? – Part 2

In the first part of this article, I had already spotlighted two of our Across Borders participants. But I won’t be ignoring the others, of course. Qian-Qian, Fábio and Eliza told me about their experiences with Krones’ internal exchange scheme.

Qian-Qian (Tracy) Xu, Krones Machinery, Taicang

“Last year which was 2017, I took up a position in aseptic filling technology at Krones Machinery in Taicang. Across Borders was intended to help me settle into my new job and continue my professional development. I would say that I succeeded in doing that. At the start, I was a bit unsure and often had to ask my co-workers for help. But by taking part in the programme, I have grown into my job and am now sure that I am doing the work properly. Not least, I have my co-workers who were very willing to help to thank for that along with the way the work is structured here at the head office site. Due to the six-hour time difference, at Krones Machinery we often have the problem that communications with Germany take time. That is why I was particularly impressed with how quick and easy process execution and problem resolution can be in Neutraubling. Besides the work experience, there were a lot of positives on the private side as well. I made new friends, and visits to Paris, Amsterdam and Santorini leave fond memories of the exchange programme.”

Fábio Bozeda, Krones do Brasil, São Paulo

“It was simply a great experience to be right here at the head office and gain a better understanding of the company structure. My responsibilities lie in the Sales Department at Krones do Brasil. In Neutraubling, I became familiarised with other departments such as Key Account, SDW and aseptic filling technology, and I provided support to my co-workers on projects which involve new technology. The training was certainly of great benefit to me, especially on how to use SAP. The German version is much more extensive than what we have in Brazil. After hours, I enjoyed passing the time with friends, despite the fact that I had been told that people in Germany tend to keep their distance. That was not my experience. I did find some things challenging however. I live with my family in Brazil, and I found it strange to suddenly be alone. However this experience has helped me develop as a person, and I used my free time to explore the most beautiful spots in Regensburg with my camera.”

Eliza Esmama, Krones Filipinas Inc., Taguig

“My stay in Neutraubling was truly something remarkable to me. Though I felt homesick in between I often used the time on the weekends to talk with my husband and my daughter on the phone. Normally, I work in Sales Strategic Management (SSM) at Krones Filipinas, and at the same time I work on Sales Coordination tasks. I worked in SSM here in Neutraubling as well, and I also provided support to the Asia Pacific Sales Department. Marketing and Business Intelligence topics were new to me. It was challenging at first, but the training will be a massive help for me. I really enjoyed my time here at Krones and in Regensburg, and there is one thing which I will really miss, namely the 35-hour week. In the Philippines, we work 48 hours a week. So I had time here to get together with colleagues, the other people who took part in the Across Borders programme and friends and spend an enjoyable evening together.”