Rainulf Diepold – an indefatigable emissary for Krones

When a Sales Director steps down from his active role, this rarely, of course, happens without an appropriate ceremony and a fitting farewell party. But what makes a departure of this kind into something very special are memories, personal relationships and stories from bygone times.

Rainulf Diepold maintained an exceptionally trusting and companionable relationship with both his staff and colleagues and our clients, as is now becoming gratifyingly apparent: the closer his departure approaches, the more people want to thank him especially for their time with him – with personal words, letters, and poems as contributions in a photo album.


A client remembers …

A client recalls his first encounter with our Director Rainulf Diepold, a Sunday that did not go according to plan – and an order closed. This and other stories show that pertinacity and determination, mixed with a plentiful portion of charm and humanity, lead to success – and to lifelong friendships.

“It was in the early 1980s, when I was CEO at Dabur India Ltd., a world-renowned Indian firm for fast-moving consumer goods and herbal medicines. My first encounter with Rainulf Diepold exemplifies his character and his way of working.

There’s one thing you should know: in India, Sundays are sacred. This day is reserved for socialising with family and friends. So I was more than surprised when at 8 o’clock (!) in the morning I got a call from a certain Rainulf Diepold: because of an emergency, he had to fly back to Germany, and so he had to meet me urgently in order to present a quotation.

One of my principles is this: I never meet business associates at home! But he argued so persuasively that I found myself simply unable to say “No”. And so it came to pass: at 10:30 Diepold and his colleague were standing at my front door – with a video recorder under his arm. Why the video recorder? Quite simple: there weren’t any laptops back then – so for the presentation he connected up his video recorder to my private TV in the living room. And things got even stranger: shortly after he had begun his presentation, there was a power cut. Despite all the less-than-ideal circumstances: the little bit I’d seen up to then was enough to convince me”. Mr. Bhandari, Dabur India Ltd.

Indefatigable on Krones’ behalf

Rainulf Diepold has probably spent more time with our clients around the globe than in Neutraubling. His colleagues from all over the world like and respect him as a personally charismatic managerial leader, whom they have symbolically dubbed “Krones’ hunting dog”, with an unerring instinct for clients and the market. His never-failing reachability for our clients – personally or by phone at all times of the day or night – and his unique negotiating skills have brought him an enviable reputation, and opened many doors. And even when he was not jetting around the planet, but with his team in Neutraubling – his office was then often deserted. “On the road” through all sales departments, over the course of time he not only clocked up innumerable kilometres, but also maintained close personal contact with his staff, in addition to his daily workload and the “hunt for orders and statistics”. However, it’s not only at our German head office that Rainulf Diepold is a familiar and popular figure. He has also had a close and trusting relationship with our colleagues worldwide. This was not the least of reasons why, for example, on his final trip to Korea, the staff at the subsidiary there farewelled him with a specially organised surprise party. All the congratulations and memories that his colleagues and staff share with him were encapsulated in a photo album presented to mark his departure. We were privileged to take a look inside it:

Dear Herr Diepold!

We shall miss you, the fresh wind always blowing through sales management with you!
Your zestful and unbureaucratic approach invariably kept us on the go and frequently lent us wings (which beforehand we often didn’t know we had 😊).

You were not only our boss, but always a human being, and had a special affinity for your “flock” in sales. Despite the pressures of acquisition and the hectic pace of everyday business, you unfailingly had time and a personal interest for the people in your team, with all their worries and personal problems. This is something that should never be taken for granted, and has made a crucial contribution to bonding and a sense of family within the sales team.

We shall endeavour to carry on in this spirit as you yourself would wish!

Your Sales Team